Every successful career journey starts with a basic initiative, like how you are investing your time in reading this blog. It’s great that you are passionate and looking out to start your career in Digital marketing.

Now that you have reached here, we are going to help you understand why Digital Marketing is the next biggest thing, its scope and help find answers to all your questions!

Last modified: October 19, 2020

Chapter 1:

Scope and growth of Digital Marketing in India

Scope and growth of <span>Digital Marketing in India</span>

The digital marketing industry is growing rapidly and the best proof for that is the Indian internet population is at over 550 million users (as of Jun 2020). Now you may ask, how this could be a potential reason to build a career in digital marketing? Let’s look at some numbers!

Owing to COVID-19, it’s become a necessity for every brand to have an online presence. As the need for online presence increases, different brands and agencies are looking for skilled digital marketers. That being said, let’s answer the next question of how you should begin!

Chapter 2:

Career options in Digital Marketing

Career options in Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing arena is like the ocean and the learning is never-ending! Every day of a digital marketer is new and refreshing but never monotonous!

There are a plethora of skills that you can master in Digital Marketing. From curating creative campaigns to building microsites to analysing huge data.

Here are some of the options that you can explore:-

Social Media Marketing:

Social media pages help brands create a unique identity for them. The average Indian spends 17 hours on different platforms each week, more than the users in China and the United States.

It includes different platforms like Facebook, YouTube Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora & Pinterest. All these platforms play a crucial role in helping a brand reach out to the target audience and more importantly, engage with them.

As we see, the importance of social media marketing is rising so is the demand for a skilled & creative social media marketer. There is no standard definition of who a social media marketer is. It’s all about how creatively you can build the brand and make them stand out in front of their audience!

Do you get creative ideas from time to time? Then, this is for you!


You must have come across SEO as a term in a lot of areas. It’s a strategic function by itself which helps in understanding what people are searching online and how to target the right set of consumers through relevant keywords.

For instance, in a blog about digital marketing, these are some of the keywords that you would want to use - ‘career in digital marketing’, ‘digital marketing scope’, ‘digital marketing certificate course’, ‘best digital marketing courses’, ‘digital marketing roles’, and so on. A lot of research and understanding is required to understand and make use of the right SEO’s. SEO is the bridge between a consumer who is searching for products online and reaching your website.

But, why is it important? As much as the importance of paid advertising and social media is increasing, SEO acts as the main function in generating traffic to your website. If you are passionate about analyzing and researching then this could be your choice!

Content Marketing:

Content is king! Content writing is not just putting words on a paper but way beyond that! A consumer should be able to relate to the brand’s content. It should be both engaging and informative for the reader.

A content piece could be a short line of five words like a description or could be a blog for more than 2500 words but, it should be creative and informative that will urge the consumer to choose your brand over the competitor. To be more specific, content is the heart of digital marketing.

Do you have a unique flair towards writing? Try exploring content marketing!

Digital Advertising:

Before going into the details of Digital Advertising, let’s understand the difference between organic and paid traffic. Paid traffic gives you complete and flexible control towards advertising, in terms of budgets, acceleration and reach.

Whereas organic traffic is not under your control. It could be consistent and sometimes, it might not. It depends on the platform’s algorithms and your consistent effort to optimise. Digital Advertising helps in reaching a competitive advantage and brings in higher ROI for the brand.

With the help of detailed targeting on Facebook and Google Ads, you can target the right audience for your product. To make it sound simpler, we have often noticed how a product appears on Facebook/Instagram as soon as we check them out on their website. Digital Advertising helps in defined targeting.

If you are a person who loves drawing insights from data and understanding consumer behaviour, this could be the right choice for you!

We hope you have got a brief idea as to what are the different opportunities in digital marketing that you can explore.

Now let’s say you are passionate about writing content. How do you start a career as a content marketer or any other roles in digital marketing?

Chapter 3:

How to start a career in Digital Marketing in India

How to start a career in <span>Digital Marketing in India</span>

How to Become a Social Media Marketer:-

Overview: As a social media marketer, you will have the responsibility to promote the brand’s products on various social media platforms. It starts right from building creative strategies to be able to connect and engage with your audience. The strategies should be set in a way that drives sales and increases website traffic.

Platforms involved: The top social media platforms are Facebook, YouTube Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Quora & Pinterest. 

Skills required: 

  • Communication skills 
  • Creativity - Always think out of the box
  • Content writing skills 
  • Analytical thinking 
  • Data-driven approach 
  • Project Management 
  • Flexibility 
  • Strategic thinking 
  • Relationship building 
  •  Copywriting 

Certifications required: 

Average payscale: The average salary of a social media manager could start from 40,000 per month and it could go up till 1,00,000 per month which purely depends on how you constantly upskill and push your boundaries to bring out the best. 

How to Become an SEO Specialist:-

Overview: As we mentioned earlier, SEO by itself is considered as a strategic function in digital marketing. It requires you to analyse different sets of data, insights and keywords. The integrated research should drive traffic to the website by using the right keywords. 

Platforms involved: There are some equipped sets of platforms such as Google Analytics, Google search console, Ubersuggest, MozBar, WooRank, etc.

Skills required: 

  • Analytical skill
  • Knowledge of Excel 
  • Communication 
  • Writing 
  • Technical approach 
  • Data-driven approach 
  • Research minded 
  • Prioritization 

Certifications required: 

Average payscale: The average salary of an SEO Specialist could start at 1.8 Lakhs to 4 Lakhs P.a for freshers. If you are equipped with enough experience, it could go up to 8-10 Lakhs P.a. 

How to Become a Content Marketer:-

Overview: A content marketing specialist has the responsibility of writing content in various forms such as a blog, caption, copies, descriptions, etc. It’s not just about writing the content but being able to make it engaging and informative for the consumer. 

Platforms involved: SEMrush, Hubspot, StoryChief, ScribbleLive, Kapost, Ceros, etc. 

Skills required: 

  • Writing and Communication
  • Creativity 
  • Analytical skills
  • Understanding the consumers 
  • SEO
  • Strategic approach
  • Editing skills 
  • Research-oriented

Certifications required: 

Average payscale: The average salary of a content marketing specialist could start at 3 Lakhs P.a for freshers and could go more than 5 Lakhs P.a according to the experience level. 

How to Become a Digital Advertiser:-

Overview: As we discussed earlier, paid advertising gives the business sole control towards a lot of functions in digital marketing. It helps in achieving long term goals by increasing the ROI. 

Platforms involved: Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads, Bing Ads, Microsoft Ads

Skills required: 

  • Data Analysis
  • Creativity 
  • Social Media skills
  • Writing and effective communication
  • Paid advertising skills
  • Customer relationship management
  • SEO 
  • Channel expertise

Certifications required: 

Average payscale: The average salary of a Digital Advertiser who is a fresher is approximately 3 Lakhs P.a and If you are equipped with enough experience, it could go up to 7-8 Lakhs P.a. 

Chapter 4:

What to look for in a course?

What to look for in a course?

What to look for in an online Digital Marketing course differs from the criteria that exist for each course. This is solely because the stream is directly dependent on the current situation (time of the course), evolving technology and advancing the standard of living!

Constant learning and Upskilling is key to stay on top!

Seasoned trainers

Looking for trainers who are well equipped in various areas of digital and up-to-date with both passing trends and upcoming trends is extremely important in digital. A trainer with relevant industry experience and knowing where and how to mould them to fit the industry should be your main priority.

Industry insights

As already stressed upon, since digital marketing is an evolution, it is vital to be equipped in the latest trends and tools to aid in the implementation of ideas, big and small. This is where industry insights come into play- learning Digital Marketing without an insight into the relevant tools and trends being used to execute plans is like sailing a ship without a destination! So, having a course that integrates staying connected to the industry and knowing what’s new at every point of time is important  

Real-world simulation

Theoretical knowledge just grazes the surface of the subject when compared to practical application. The course of your choice should ideally first have live classes along with assignments and more importantly, live projects. This would help you in applying the knowledge practically and yes, you always learn when you start implementing. 

Till now, we have seen what to look for in a course before choosing it. What if we say that we already have the right fit which fulfils all the requirements? Let’s take a look at it! 

Digigrad’s courses and USPs

DigiGrad is an online platform solely dedicated to crafting well-rounded upcoming Digital Marketers by providing answers to all the whys, what’s and hows in the scene of Digital Marketing.

Led by a panel of accomplished visionaries who are on a mission to guide aspirants with establishing a successful career in Digital Marketing, DigiGrad might be the first course that offers first-hand lessons with veterans from the field of Marketing.

Experts with years of experience in moulding several Digital Marketers in their companies, along with guidance in navigating the right tools on the right platforms depending on case-study situations, finally backed with the right assessments and thought-tests to steer your imagination and analytical thinking in the right direction, DigiGrad thus ties together all the essentials mentioned above- seasonal experts, industry insights and real-world simulation- thus making you well-rounded and Market-ready!

The DigiGrad online courses are designed exclusively to cater to Marketing enthusiasts who are looking to make a mark and learn digital marketing online. There are currently two programs namely, Digital Marketing Master Program and the Advanced Digital Marketing Master Program.

Check out the courses at

Chapter 5:

How to find a job in digital marketing in India- Digital Marketing Career Path

How to find a job in digital marketing in India-  Digital Marketing Career Path

The quest to be successful in the field of Digital Marketing doesn’t end with completing your course and learning digital marketing, that's just the beginning of your journey! Identifying the right role matching your skill-set and area of interest, and securing a position in that particular stream is what puts your knowledge and abilities to test!

Let’s look at the scope of digital marketing and the various options lined up for you!

Freelancing:  Freelancers are independent professionals who work on various projects and clients. They are self-employed and usually specialize in one sector like Content, Design or digital marketing and provide personalized and effective solutions in that particular area according to the client’s brief.

Internship: Internship is probably one of the popular buzzwords used among young people who are pursuing their degree. An internship is much more just a buzzword because an individual gets real-time experience on how a corporate company works while they are studying. With internships, you can work at a company where your interest lies towards and it acts a great asset on your resume. 

Work with an agency: An agency gives a 360-degree experience. To elaborate, even if you are a fresher or an experienced professional, you get the opportunity to work with several brands and clients which gives you a great level of exposure. 

Work in an in-house department: In this case, there is no variety to deal with but you will specialize in one particular area because your whole focus is just towards marketing the brand you work for. If you are looking to build a resume specializing in a focussed stream, this might be what you’ve been looking for!

Let’s look into some pros and cons of each of the Digital marketing roles discussed above!

Work as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer in any field, although sets you apart as an individual tackling the market alone as opposed to other corporate giants, comes with its set of challenges.


1.      Flexibility-

Be it you working from home or even during your vacation. You get to decide when and where you work. You get to choose your projects and pricing, you are answerable to nobody else but your client. 

This could be a game-changer for someone who is a student or wishes to enhance their skill set or portfolio while working parallelly.

2.      Ease in decision-making-

As you play both the roles here- the strategy drafter as well as the approver! You make the rules, as long as they are successful.

3.      Building connections-

 This is a huge positive for someone who wishes to later establish business or start a new venture as there is a direct network established between each client and the Marketer. Going freelance could work out for you if goodwill is one of the goals you are looking to achieve through this. Constantly updating projects and work undertaken on professional platforms that are a potential client capturer such as Fiverr, Upwork, LinkedIn and Quora.


1. Limited Client pool-

      While certainly diverse, you might find yourself restricted to a certain set of clients as large companies generally go to independent digital marketing agencies.

2. No fixed salary/ job assurance-

      Freelancers do go through periods where they might not be able to capture projects to make an income out of, this could be days, weeks or even months in worst-case scenarios. As there is no steady income which comes every month, it could be difficult at times. 

 3.   Minus the work environment-

For people who enjoy the comfort of a social workplace, freelancing can prove to be a real challenge as while there are perks of being your boss, it comes with downsides as you might miss having company to work with and learn from.  

Work in an agency

Starting your career at a reputed Digital Marketing agency is the ideal goal for many. But does it come with its set of positives and negatives as well?


1.      Fixed Salary/Stable job-

Once absorbed into a company, you will have secured a position with a fixed stipend every month! That is only the first step of feeling empowered. As you keep up your good work, there’s only going up from there, without looking back, as by proving your worth and efficiency, the agency sees results, and identifies that you show promise- Promotions come your way!

2.      Variety in streams-

As an agency, the services are offered to clients of many kinds. Irrespective of the product, brand or industry the client is from, you get to brainstorm and constantly exercise your brain to work around various situations, hurdles and restrictions to reach the end goal. T 

3.      Learning/Corporate environment-

The scope of learning in a corporate environment is so high because learning happens around people with both higher and lesser experience and there’s a safe space for growth Be it team-building or developing the competency to climb the ladder, you can do it all with all the influence surrounding you. 


1.      Is this Agency for me?

While the aspirations to work at a certain agency might be plenty, the odds of getting hired to work there, especially when one’s starting their career with little to no work experience are very low. 

 Work for an in-house department


1.      Subject-based knowledge works wonders-

Here, in the case of an in-house Digital Marketing job, there is no variety to deal with. One product/brand- Constantly evolving and working to promote it to the targeted audience at all times, under any circumstance, or to make the best use of a situation when it does crop up.  

2.      Specific brand/product development-

In-house Marketing while is a questionable choice if you are looking to cover multiple areas on your resume, certainly proves your all rounded-expertise in the chosen area, because the period of work and the results achieved during the period speaks volumes about how well-versed you are in working with the specified type or similar products/brands. If you are looking to build a resume specializing in a focussed stream, this might be what you’ve been looking for!


1.      Uncertain work-

Uncertain work here refers to going to work without knowing what exactly might be expected every single day. Since work is at a company that doesn’t solely focus on digital marketing, but rather expects the assistance if and only when required, things may not be very active unless it’s a well-established company with multiple ventures out for marketing their services.

2.      Playing multiple roles-

What serves as a pro, also might round-up as a con as, being a part of a limited team which is responsible of handling anything and everything concerning digital marketing, you may have to equip yourself and also don the caps of multiple Marketing-based professionals such as digital marketer, social media marketer, content writer and web designer instead of focussing all your energy and time into being one of them.

Start as an intern

Interning is the best way to learn whether to develop your skills or to strengthen them. Although this might not seem like the preferred way to start working, it is hands-down the best way of building your resume and skill set to get into that dream job of yours. Better yet, if you get the opportunity to intern at your dream workplace before you get hired as an employee!


1.      Practical application-

For a student stepping into the corporate world after months/years of practical learning of Marketing, interning acts as an eye-opener that things don’t always work according to the “handbook”, but rather through interest and deductive application of the knowledge acquired.   

2.      Constant growth-

Getting to know how work gets handled in the office, learning not just what is expected out of an intern, but also out of an employee at the same time, dealing with real-life projects or at least getting a ring-side view on how they are approached- the intern gets to observe it all and takes back lessons from inspiring role-models at the company they are working. 


1.      Limited Options-

While the reach of the benefits of internships is wide, the number of good companies that offer worthwhile internship programs to people are very less. On the other hand, the few companies that are internship-friendly don’t offer a grand sum as a stipend, if at all they do!

We have gone through all the details starting from the growth in digital marketing to how to find a job and kick-start your career by choosing the option which suits you the best. It’s time for you to find the right course for you, upskill and start your career. 

To make your process a little easier, we already have the course that could be the right fit for you. Check out Digigrad for one of the best digital marketing certificate courses in the country. 

Happy Learning :) 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Digital marketing is a way of marketing your business or company through various online mediums and channels. This includes search engines, social media, apps, websites, ads, and lots more.

A majority of consumers and audiences turn to the Internet for information and purchases. Digital marketing plays an important role here as having an online presence can enhance the growth of the business, can drive or boost sales, and helps establish the brand’s presence in the market.

Yes, digital marketing offers an excellent career path to anyone seeking it out. As more and more of the population comes online, more brands are seeking out a digital presence to help them reach their audiences for various goals. For this reason, digital marketing is a popular career choice for many.

The best course for digital marketing will vary based on the niche you are looking at mastering. Digital marketing comprises many and several different components, ranging from social media marketing and ads to design, content, and SEO. Though these elements are unique, they work together to create the best strategy.

While there are several different courses that teach each component of digital marketing in detail, there are also courses which help you understand digital marketing as a whole. With these choices, you can begin mastering a skill or you can look to understand the basic foundation of digital marketing first. There is plenty of information online about these courses, so ensure you have listed out what you are looking to learn to see if a course offers what you are looking to learn.

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