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Digital Marketing Masterclass

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Digital Marketing Crash Course Under 180 mins

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  • With explosive growth of internet in India, Digital is no more a choice but an essential part of every marketing strategy
  • Acquire customers with powerful targeted campaigns to drive sales for your business
  • Build a strong online brand presence for your company / business
  • Know more about the various career opportunities that are available in this field

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Co-Founder of Social Beat | Angel Investor | BC Entrepreneur Award Winner

Vikas is a passionate and dynamic professional who is constantly working towards helping businesses flourish through innovative, results-driven, ROI-focused digital marketing strategies. A management student from the London School of Economics, Vikas has over a decade of experience in the field and is one of India's leading digital marketing experts. Vikas has curated this course to help young, budding professionals to grow a career in digital marketing.

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Knowledge of digital marketing is one of the most sought after skills by many employers! Give your resume a competitive edge even before you graduate by enrolling in the DigiGrad Digital Marketing Masterclass.

Digital marketing is one of the hottest careers of 2020 and beyond! If you are looking for a promising career and a competitive salary, the DigiGrad Digital Marketing Masterclass is the perfect first step to take on your digital marketing journey.

Every business needs to have a strong digital presence in order to succeed. Learn insider tips to setting up a successful digital marketing strategy for your business with the DigiGrad Digital Marketing Masterclass.

If you are looking to upskill yourself in your current industry or take your career in a new direction, the DigiGrad Digital Marketing Masterclass is the perfect starting point.

Knowledge of digital marketing can help you promote your services and gain more clients. The DigiGrad Digital Marketing Masterclass can also help you learn about the basics of digital and start a freelance career in a new field!


  • Shantanu

    "As a novice in the Digital Advertising field, I saw an opportunity in this lockdown to gain some knowledge. I found a very good Institute-Digigrad. Digigrad perfectly stresses on the various digital channels. This course is thoughtfully designed for beginners as well as professionals who are upgrading their skills."


    15 year of Experience in Print Advertising
    Alumnus, Digital Ads Master Program

  • Shantanu

    "The course on Digital Advertising was extremely informative and interactive. It is a great value addition for anyone looking to make a career in digital. All the trainers were experts in what they taught and were very approachable. Looking forward to exploring more courses with DigiGrad."


    Investment Professional
    Alum, Digital Ads Master Program

  • Shantanu

    "As a working professional, DigiGrad's Digital Advertising course has allowed me to learn new skills. The trainers are highly skilled and easily approachable. Overall it's been a great learning experience"


    Senior Marketing Executive,
    Hachette India, Alum Digital Ads Master Program


Frequently Asked Questions

This masterclass will help you gain a fair understanding of the digital ecosystem and the latest trends in Digital Marketing. It will give you a basic understanding of the various aspects of digital marketing and why they’re all important to help a business succeed online.

With digital marketing, you can reach out to a large number of people with less effort and a lesser budget as compared to traditional marketing. You can personalize your marketing efforts and ensure that you reach out to the right target audience. Digital marketing helps you improve your brand presence and raise brand awareness across various online channels. The best part is that you can track and analyse all your marketing efforts. Therefore, more and more businesses are looking at digital marketing to get maximum ROI.

This 3-hour masterclass is an introductory course to get you started with digital marketing. You will learn all the basics of this dynamic field and the different aspects of digital marketing. The session will not go in-depth into each field. However, you can check out Digigrad’s subject-specific courses to gain expertise in a field of your choice.

A professional certification in digital marketing from highly reputed industry experts ensures your credibility as an expert in the field. A certification also makes you more employable and will help you get access to more opportunities. A certification from Digigrad along with all our other courses makes you industry-ready in no time!

Digital marketing has the following components:

  • Social media marketing
  • SEO and content marketing
  • Web development
  • Digital advertising
  • Designing
  • Email marketing

Becoming a digital marketer today is very easy! There are several online courses available to help you get started. However, it’s always good to learn from experts who live and breathe digital agency life. Digigrad’s association with Social Beat ensures that you receive the highest quality of subject knowledge right from digital marketing stalwarts in India.
Once you learn the basics and join an agency, the skills you learn in this class will help you get a strong footing at your new firm.

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Want to know how Digital Marketing can help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and why Digital Marketing is essential for Business Growth? Sign up for our Digital Marketing Training for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and Learn how Digital Marketing drives Business Growth from the top experts and leading innovators in the industry. This course gives special emphasis on leveraging the Digital landscape and it’s opportunities, social media marketing for businesses, SEO & Content Marketing and business growth with performance marketing and maximizing ROI for Business and owners and Entrepreneurs that want to grow their business digitally.