Why is digital marketing becoming one of the hottest career options in India?

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  • Published Date : 24 July , 2020
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Before delving deep into why a digital marketing career is becoming one of the most popular career options today, let’s understand what is meant by digital marketing and how it helps businesses grow. 

What is digital marketing?

To put it in very simple terms, digital marketing is the act of promoting any commercial activity online which includes blogging, search engine optimisation, website designing, social media and email marketing, and marketing on mobile apps. 

Who's a Digital Marketer? 

A Digital Marketer refers to someone who is engaged in the promotional activities of any business online. A digital marketer may choose to work in the many different fields that fall under the digital marketing umbrella. 

Purpose: Digital marketers should possess a broad range of skills ranging from technical, organisational, branding, sales, flexibility, time management and attention to detail, which will equip them to understand the market scenario, consumer behaviour, health of the organisation, etc. and craft strategies to get better ROI for businesses.

Who can opt for a Digital Marketing career?

Today, the global digital advertising industry is valued at US$ 192 billion. According to Forrester Research, the global online population spends around 52% of their media time on digital channels.

Digital marketing spends continue to rise and even during COVID-19 times, healthcare and fitness companies like Practo, Curefit, Entertainment like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ and Gaming clients are extremely active online and continue to embrace digital technologies. Bigbasket, Grofers, Amazon Pantry and other online delivery brands have emerged as critical players to help cope with the increasing demand for essentials during the lockdown. 

The rapid growth of Digital Marketing indicates that there is an ever-increasing demand for people to start looking at digital marketing as a career. If you are creative, enthusiastic, enterprising and want to be part of an eclectic industry, a career in digital marketing is perfect for you! 

Branches of Digital Marketing, Influence on Businesses, and Career Prospects:

Digital marketing is a conglomerate of different fields which beautifully blend to make businesses shine online. Let's understand each field in detail - what they are, how they impact businesses and what career prospects are available for each field. 

Social Media Marketing(SMM):

What is SMM? 

In layman terms, Social Media Marketing is the utilization of Social Media Channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. to promote products or services to drive ROI for businesses. This is an incredibly fast and efficient way to connect with the target audience. Through social media, you can regularly interact with them, provide greater customer support and handle business' crisis management well.

Advantages of SMM & how to leverage social media to grow your business:

  • Brand Building: Social media helps businesses to gain visibility from their customers quickly and measurably.
  • Connect With Customers: When brands and consumers stay connected through Social Media, it is easy to keep up with them 24x7, generate conversations around the brand, get feedback in real-time, and continuously work on improving their products or services.
  • Builds Customer Loyalty: SMM helps businesses with gaining customer loyalty for free. How do we say so? Because customers follow and interact with the brand they like. By regularly engaging with them, providing resolutions swiftly and keeping them updated about latest product updates etc, will keep them hooked to the brand and in turn, even will help the brand to turn as brand evangelists.
  • Assists with Link Building: SMM has a positive impact on a brand’s SEO efforts. For example, if there's a blog with a good number of shares, chances are that someone else writing on a similar topic will pick up some points from your blog and cite the source with links to your main article. This will help in gaining more links and also referral traffic from other websites. 
  • Retargeting audiences to Social Media: There are some stats which corroborate that on an average, the landing page conversion rates are roughly around 3%. Hence, you can retarget the other 97% who haven't taken any desired action
  • Helps Business’ causes go viral: Social media has a huge impact on making ads viral. If someone likes your brand, he/she will help spread the brand’s reach to his/her friends and family, thereby starting a viral campaign. 
  • Gaining New Customers / Driving Conversions: With a host of targeting opportunities right from consumer behaviour, interest, to custom audiences, the majority of the brands' leverage SMM to acquire new customers every day. 

With so many benefits, businesses are on the lookout for talented digital marketers to help them succeed and become successful. 

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Social media marketer?

Primary Role: Jobs in Social Media are one of the coolest jobs even if you’re considering a digital marketing career with the flexibility to always be online, follow the latest trends and even participate in brand wars!  

Social Media Marketers are expected to help businesses devise campaigns, craft creative campaigns and communications, monitor marketing patterns, listen to consumers' perceptions, acquire new customers and retain existing customers at a fraction of cost as compared to traditional marketing.


  • Drive Client Relationships: Engaging with clients to understand their business requirements and translating that into appropriate digital initiatives
  • Performance Marketing and Media-Planning: Running campaigns across Facebook, Linkedin and co-ordinating on overall media plan; daily analysis of the campaigns to ensure high ROI for our clients
  • Social Media Marketing: Ideating and executing campaigns on social media, including GIFs, Video Campaigns. Closely working with the design team and client to reach the client's brand goals


  • Strong in Analytics
  • Enjoys working with clients directly and is willing to build meaningful relationships with clients
  • Fluency in Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc.) 

Expected Salary: A fresh graduate is expected to earn about INR 3-4L/Annum and this remuneration goes upwards of INR 12L+/annum based on skills, ability to handle tough situations, innovation and creativity. 

Content Marketing:

What is Content Marketing? 

Content marketing is the science of driving leads to target websites by creating valuable and engaging content that is of great value and interest to customers. This not only helps us acquire new users but also helps us to establish brands as the go-to place for thought leadership in the space.

Advantages of Content Marketing & how to leverage CM for businesses:

  • Low Cost: Creating content is not very expensive. Driving relevant and high-quality traffic from various search engines to various pages is one of the best and most economical options for brands regardless of their size and scale. 
  • Drives Sales: Majority of the customers are not sales-ready as they have to go through different stages of the buyer's journey such as awareness, consideration and decision stage. 

Before making a purchase, people realize that they have a problem that needs solving (awareness). They take time to research and better understand their problem (consideration). Then, they make a decision on which solution is best for them (decision). Hence, if we can get them through all these stages, we will be able to generate or drive sales as well for businesses.

  • Less Distracting: With ads and paid promotions constantly disrupting a consumer's online experience, many have started using ad blockers to stop seeing these ads. Content marketing, on the other hand, helps businesses to build better customer relationships and solve problems by constantly being available to them. 
  • Amplifies Brand Awareness: When we start writing blogs or creating content about sought after questions or challenges, Google will start ranking the same on search engine results pages(SERP) based on value, uniqueness, freshness and popularity. A high SERP ranking helps build brand awareness and helps to acquire potential customers at the right time.
  • Helps grow social media standing: When people relate to content posted on the company website and Social Media as valuable and trustworthy, people start sharing engaging content on social media. Through tertiary connections, brands slowly start gaining more and more followers. 

Let's look at what are the different roles and responsibilities, skill sets, benefits, pay scale etc of a Content Marketer

Primary Role: Content marketers spend a lot of time researching and analyzing information to target the right consumers and businesses.

Content marketing specialists are expected to have a passion for writing and an ability to create innovative content that is digital-ready. They shouldn't just focus on learning how to write effective content but also market it to a large audience base. The key aim would be to create and market content for clients across various sectors, to ultimately make them rank organically on leading search engines like Google and YouTube.


  • Writing various types of content (blogs, video, website, social media) for businesses
  • Analysing content engagement through Google Analytics
  • Conceptualising end to end content marketing strategies for brands across sectors such as real estate, BFSI, B2B, Retail, Finance, etc
  • Collaborating with the SEO team to increase blog traffic and Google SERP rankings
  • Working closely with clients to understand their content requirements and goals and crafting customised and creative content marketing solutions for them.
  • Learning how to utilise social media advertising to promote content on LinkedIn and Facebook and other social media channels

Expected Salary:

An entry-level Content Marketer with less than 1-year experience can expect to earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₹431,356 based on 7 salaries. 

Search Engine Optimisation(SEO):

What's Search Engine Optimization? - To put it in simple terms, SEO is the unpaid or organic promotion of a website to drive the quality and quantity of traffic to a website. 

Advantages of SEO & how to leverage SEO for businesses: 

  • Building Brand Awareness: One of the most important purposes/reasons for exploring SEO is to build the brand without investing in any paid activity and for long term benefits. When someone is looking for a solution to a particular problem, if you results start showing up first or on the top of SERP, then, you will get better visibility and get your customers to trust you as one of the thought leaders in your space.
  • User-Friendly Website: Numbers indicate that about 50% of the website visitors bounce off if the website takes more than 2 seconds to load. Hence, businesses need to improve user experience, make it more valuable to visitors thereby resulting in high quality and user-friendly websites. 
  • Digital ROI: Organic leads or leads obtained from unpaid promotions have about 14.6% higher close rates and outbound leads at an average 1.7% close rate. To put this in clear perspective, let's consider an example where the value of a lead is at INR 10k and on avg, we get 100 leads/month. With SEO efforts, we will get about 115 leads/month and that will translate into 15*10k which is INR 1.5L.
  • Store Visits: There's a very interesting stat which says that about 72% of consumers do a local search and look for stores about 5Km near them. For businesses with a store presence, they can effectively promote their products/services and drive customers to them.
  • App Installs: With the help of App Store Optimization(ASO), businesses will benefit from steady user acquisition by making themselves visible on the play store/app store.

With such a plethora of benefits, businesses are looking for talented people to help them succeed and outrun their competitors. Let's look at what are the different roles and responsibilities, skill sets, benefits, pay scale etc of an SEO Specialist. 

Primary Role: The primary role of an SEO Specialist is to work with the web developer to create fast and functional websites, to coordinate with UX/UI specialists to make the website user friendly and work simultaneously with the content team to create valuable content and research keywords which our target audience is most likely to search for and optimise those keywords to enhance search engine page rankings. 

An SEO specialist should have in-depth knowledge and expertise in keyword research, excellent analytical skills, technical skills and copywriting skills to optimise content, follow up and keep up with latest trends and updates particularly about Google algorithms, etc.

Responsibilities of an SEO Specialist

  • Develop SEO strategies that increase the company's search engine results rankings on the search page
  • Research SEO keywords for optimised website content and marketing material
  • Set measurable goals that indicate growth in marketing efforts
  • Monitor daily/weekly/monthly/yearly performance metrics to understand SEO strategy performance over different periods of time
  • Communicate with other digital marketing professionals to align goals
  • Collaborate with others within the marketing department to manage and implement an SEO strategy
  • Write compelling and high-quality website content, including blog posts and page descriptions
  • Update content and website links for maximum optimization and search engine ranking

Qualifications for SEO Specialist

  • Two to three years of experience in successfully developing and executing SEO campaigns
  • Understanding of search engine algorithms and ranking methods
  • Experience with SEO industry programs, such as Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
  • Knowledge of keyword research and data mining tools
  • Ability to perform a comprehensive analysis of other competitors within the industry
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Comfortable analyzing high volumes of data daily
  • Familiarity with WordPress or other content management systems
  • Experience with other aspects of marketing, such as customer growth and promotion, is a plus

Expected Salary:

The average salary for a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist in India is ₹238,624. An SEO specialist is a great option if you’re looking to start a career in Digital Marketing. 

Paid Advertising / Digital Media:

What's Digital Advertising? - Digital Advertising is a way to drive traffic inorganically to a website. You pay for the promotion of products or services online. Some common ways to make this happen to include Search Engine Marketing(SEM), Display Advertising, Video Advertising and App promotions.  

Advantages of Digital Advertising & how to leverage Digital Advertising for Businesses:

  • Measurable: One of the primary benefits and importance of utilizing digital advertising lies in its measurement capabilities. We can measure metrics such as impressions, clicks, and conversions (based on the defined business goals). In some cases, we can go as granular as user-level behaviour and understand more about consumer patterns in greater detail.
  • Real-time Tracking: Tracking ads in near real-time helps us understand a business’s progress and makes sure that the company is operating at peak efficiency. Changes can be made based on requirements and tracked immediately compared to other offline advertising where we have to wait for it to pan out, analyze data post-facto and then take a call on future campaigns strategies.
  • Precise Targeting Options: With various platforms offering multiple targeting capabilities, we can control exactly how our advertising budget needs to be spent. We can go after our target group, based on their interests and behaviours, at the right place, at the right time, and at any scale. We can also pause and restart campaigns whenever we want to.
  • Data Availability: With every campaign run, we will be able to collect data from the advertising platform itself. With such magnitude of data available at a granular level, we should be able to understand what works, what doesn't and what can be done for future campaigns to get optimal results.
  • Pay for Results: In digital advertising, we just have to pay for the results and the results can vary drastically. The results impact impressions, clicks, conversions, leads, installs, views and other aspects of a business’s digital marketing efforts.
  • Remarketing: This is a unique and powerful feature where you can go after exact audiences who visited your website and inculcate interest in them and even help them take the necessary action by providing a separate communication and offers just for them.
  • Get in Front of Customers Immediately: We don't have to wait for weeks or months for an advertising campaign to launch. All we have to do is create an ad account, add a credit card or debit card, create a campaign by targeting those who are likely to become your customer and then start the campaigns. With this, you will start getting leads for your business.
  • Level the Playing Field: Gone are the days where the big guys used to monopolize top ad spots on TV, newspapers and radios. Now, with digital advertising, we can target the same audiences, compete with the big players in auctions and even beat them! With such hyper-local or pointed targeting capabilities, all of us will be able to get a fair share of the pie.
  • Measure Store Visits & Revenue: With Google dominating the online advertising space, it has developed advanced technical capabilities along with Facebook to help offline retail businesses to run ads online, and measure how many customers visited their stores and even calculate the revenue from such store visits. With such strong capabilities, even offline and retail brands can take advantage of Digital Advertising.

With such a plethora of benefits, businesses are looking for talented digital advertisers to help them succeed and become the best. Let's look at the different roles and responsibilities, skill sets, benefits, pay scale, etc. of a Digital Advertising Specialist.

Primary Role: A Digital Advertising Specialist role involves understanding business requirements and strategizing how to achieve KPIs with a clear-cut plan. This involves choosing the platform which fits the business requirements, setting up KPIs and budgets, and choosing creatives and communications. Digital advertising specialists should have good analytical capabilities to measure and understand campaign performance and how to further improve ad performance in the future. They should also be proficient in Excel and Powerpoint.


  • Manage, target and optimize existing PPC campaigns across search and contextual networks for multiple search engines and Google AdWords
  • Create PPC strategies such as keyword research and campaign analysis
  • Work on software such as Google AdWords & Bing editor
  • A/B testing with different ad creatives and landing pages to improve the click-through rate
  • Create performance reports along with recommendations for further improvement
  • Exposure to digital marketing and budget optimization
  • Analyze trends, study qualitative and quantitative data and recommend campaign changes and new updates
  • Track and analyze website traffic flow and provide regular internal reports.
  • Fix any errors or bugs in digital content
  • Stay up to date with  new and emerging technologies, trends and opportunities

Expected Salary:

An entry-level Digital Advertising Manager with less than 1-year experience can earn an average total compensation (includes tips, bonus, and overtime pay) of ₹307,324. 

In conclusion, digital marketing as a career is an extremely promising field with a variety of job opportunities with good pay and good growth. Moreover, besides students, professional ladders, webmasters and even IT managers can build a successful career as a Digital Marketing Specialist. At DigiGrad, we offer comprehensive foundational and advanced courses in digital marketing that can equip you with the skills you need to start your digital marketing career.