Step by Step Guide for Effective Content Writing in India

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  • Published Date : 26 July , 2020
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Do you want to become a well-known, recognized content writer?

Over the last few years, content writing has become increasingly popular and is one of the fastest growing professions in digital marketing.

During the digital age, there are countless blogs, websites, and digital content online access to your target audience. Hence, choosing a topic and simply writing down your opinion won’t do. The magic sauce is to add in a taste of your talent and the right packaging to make it more impactful.

Anton Chekhov once said, “Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the flint of light on the broken glass.” This experiential aspect of good content is what makes it stand out and engage with readers. Our content marketing guide will equip you with the skills you need to bring your content to life.

Here are the top content writing tips to stand apart from the noise.

Writing your first piece of digital content

1. Researched Content is King!

We have often heard the phrase ‘Content is King’, however, we would like to go one step ahead and say, “Researched Content is King.”

In order to keep your work up to date, it is ideal to read a lot more and research the topics you write about. A common mistake we make is delving into our first draft with just a basic level of understanding of the topic we are writing about.

One of the best content writing tips is to find multiple sources and different ways in which we need to represent the given topic. Keep a Google Doc or any other notebook you use to keep track of all the information you are consuming. This way you will be able to refer to it as a mind map for your content whenever you get stuck.

2. Speak from your point of view

There is a thin line between inspiration and plagiarism. Sometimes, content writers are so inspired by a famous author they follow that they tend to write out their article the way that their inspiration would. However, your article needs to be fresh and original, not merely a copy of an existing article. Hence, it's important to write from your own point of view.

Providing a fresh voice and outlook in the current saturated market will not only help you stand apart but will also set the right tone and expectations for your readers. If you are positioning yourself as the authority on a specific subject, then your content needs to have powerful insights and a new perspective that readers might not have been able to get elsewhere.

3. Don’t beat around the bush 

When someone is looking for one particular topic, showcasing a variety of topics within the same blog can make them confused, lose interest, and drop off the page. 

Avoid beating around the bush and using flowery language to fill in space. This leads to a tiresome read and users would rather find another article on the same topic which explains it in a simpler manner. 

We often link our blogs and relate topics to one another - which is absolutely fine. The objective needs to be to enhance the idea but to ensure that it does not become a disturbance to the user’s flow of reading.

A useful practice is to align your writing to the topic during the editing stage. And then, get someone to read it; they can provide a fresh pair of eyes to catch what you may have missed and re-edited it once again. 

4. Keep your consumer in mind 

Stephen King once said, “Description begins in the writer’s imagination, but should finish in the reader’s.” It is imperative that you write your content with a fair knowledge of your reader.

How would you like them to visualize what you are saying? Provide strong cues that would help the reader understand the topic in the same way you intended to project it. 

Also, personalizing your writing to your target group is a great way to form a better connection with your readership. There are many content marketing tools like Buzzsumo that can help you understand exactly what your audience is interested in. 

5. Creativity is essential

Value addition is the most important content writing tip for beginners. With the number of websites and blogs out there today, most topics that we are thinking of writing on have already been written - so how do we make a mark?

Any piece of content has three parts to it: Topic, Idea, and View. While the topic and idea are pre-decided - the view is where you bring colors and tones into your writing. 

Every artist has a unique style and way in which they present their work, hence content writers too must showcase their unique way of writing.

6. The Importance of an Introduction and Title

One of the most important contents writing tips is to focus on the first thing your audience sees: the title. Headlines need to be thumb-stopping and your introduction needs to set forth the question in the mind of the reader which can be answered in your content writing. 

Imagine this:

Like any other day, you are scrolling through your newsfeed and suddenly you see an article that reads How to start Filmmaking - an Introduction. Soon after, you come across another article that reads All you need to know to start a career in Filmmaking or 6 Amazing Tips For Making your first short film.

While both article 1 and 2 might cover the same content, it is that unique packaging which would lead more viewers to the second article. The introduction is a hook to keep your readers interested. Asking a question which you intend to answer in your content writing is a way in which you can keep your readers engaged. 

7. The proof is in the edit

The proof is in your pudding, but proof of good content writing is in a strong edit. Go through multiple rounds of editing before you hit publish. 

The first edit should be to realign your content to the topic. It’s here you eliminate the words and sentences which do not match. Following this, you need to focus on spelling, grammar, and other errors. 

Finally, look at your draft from the reader's point of view; better yet, get someone else to proofread and it’s good to go!

8. Pick a niche

Heard of the phrase, ‘Jack of all trades, but master of none'? This is exactly what your content writing would look like if you do not pick a niche. 

A good content writer can deliver content on any topic, but a great content writer becomes a thought leader on the topics they are writing about.

Before you start your first piece of content, really analyze and see whether this is the space you want to continue to grow if the answer is yes - you have found your niche. 

9. Consume a lot of different types of content

While you put focus on building your own style, it is essential to understand the tone and nuances of other great writing as well. John Grogan, famed author of Marley and Me began his journey as a reporter and later became a columnist before he wrote his first book. 

You never know what kind of content you would be writing a few years from now, and hence it is important to keep yourself in tune with the different styles of writing like how to write a blog, an e-book, or even ad copy!

10. Memorable Conclusions are key

An impactful conclusion has the power to stay in the minds of the reader long after they have turned the last page or read the last line. A good conclusion must cover what has been articulated in the article but also leave a lasting impression on the reader.

11. Take feedback into consideration

In your conclusion, you can also ask the reader to share their views in the comments, you could even use this as a cue to decide the topics for your upcoming articles. Criticism can help shape your writing and allow it to become more fine-tuned to your reader’s taste. One of the most useful content writing tips for beginners is to pay close attention to feedback and keep refining your work accordingly. 

With these insider content writing tips, you are ready to start researching and begin your content journey. We wish you the best and look forward to reading more impactful articles written by you. Comment below with which tips from this content marketing guide you found the most interesting. 

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