Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Ashwin Pachori
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  • Published Date : 3 August , 2021
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The famous marketing quote ‘Customer is King’ isn’t just a way to make customers feel valued; it is to show that now, customers are in control. A customer journey involves reading reviews, watching videos, visiting several websites, and asking for recommendations. Consumers tell brands what they think of their products and improve them, rather than the other way around. The way they behave influences the company’s future strategy. And the way they behave is influenced by the service they receive- making them feel welcome while they enter a digital store or having proper customer feedback channels online. Although digital marketing makes the buyer journey more straightforward, with the ability to purchase at the click of a button, overall interactions have increased. Customers share comments about products, review them and virtually build up the brand reputation, which makes proper brand development and customer interaction online all the more important. 

In this interview, Ashwin Pachori, the CEO of Horza Private Limited, talks about his journey in the Digital Marketing field.

Ashwin Pachori is not just the founder of Horza Private Limited, he is also an experienced professional in the Internet industry. Being skilled in various fields such as Business Research, Corporate Strategies, Corporate Social Responsibility, Operations Management, Advertising, and Sales, Ashwin has brought his company a long way. A strong business development professional with an MBA focused on Neuro Marketing and Business Research, he has also been an integral part of the growth of various other companies such as Star TV, SmartWorld, and Aadow. Today, he handles a diversified business, working in different fields such as E-Commerce Marketplace, Advertising Agency, Real Estate Investment, Research Consultancy Service, Neuromarketing, and Automotive Operating Software Service. He possesses a result-oriented attitude and has a target-focused approach to any given task.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Ashwin P: Started my journey back in 2019, working as a Brand Solutions Head - my work is to create content or creative story writing for video commercials. At Aadow, We're enthusiastic about what we do: We have clients from across Asia. It's always challenging for us to come up with new & unique ideas for different-different brands. Every brand has its own kind of marketing soul, so to that extent, delivering something out of the box that can thrill and create a buzz over the internet is always our main aim. When we started, we mostly had clients from Real Estate, Educational Institutes, Hospitals, Hotels, Automobiles, and startups. But now we have our customer base in rural areas as well, where local kirana and other retail stores also use our digital marketing services to stand out in the market. Because when we say Digital India or Digital revolution, nobody should be left behind, it is our responsibility to educate our customers about digital marketing and its benefits. Somewhere we succeed in that.

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform in your best interest?

Ashwin P: Being a digital marketer is always challenging to come up with new and unique ideas that we have never tried before. Usually, every advertisement has similar goals such as creating awareness and providing information to the audience about the brand or its product/service. But delivering the right message to the right audience on the right platform in the right and creative way is something that requires a lot of brainstorming and discussion among the creative team and branding team. Creatively delivering the message is something that always inspires and motivates us, when you work with a team of 50+ creative people that means 50+ creative minds will come with different-different unique ideas. I believe marketing is the only domain that doesn't have any limitation on creative thinking. You can go to any extent to find out the best creative idea to fulfill the requirements of the client.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Ashwin P: Digital Marketing is expanding its scope every day. Earlier brands preferred to advertise on mass media to target audiences. But nowadays brands prefer digital marketing due to its wider reach and scope. There was a time when digital marketing was limited to social media but now based on cookies and customer's preferences, digital marketing can be done through several kinds of mobile applications, websites, OTT marketing, etc. Compared to traditional marketing, digital can help you to choose the set of your audience based on demographic, lifestyle, and many other aspects such as income, interest, etc. There is a huge switch of viewers from television to OTT which is another evolution factor of digital marketing. 

Lesser Time + Wider Reach = Digital Marketing

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Ashwin P: Volkswagen’s “The Last Mile” - This campaign bids an emotional farewell to the Beetle, 90 seconds animated video was a perfect tribute to the iconic car Beetle. In the video, we can see how that car is attached to many customers and every customer has their own memory of it. 70 years of Beetle's journey was completely explained in 90 seconds. We can also see a few catchy taglines such as "THINK SMALL". So I guess we should always create veritable content that forges a meaningful connection between your brand and the audience for an enduring impression. It always works :)

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Ashwin P: There are many tools such as SEM Rush, Buzzsumo, Detailed SEO extension, etc. but personally I would suggest three tools that helped me a lot and are for sure going to help others as well - Frase, Moz, and Google Analytics.

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Ashwin P: Lack of knowledge and practical expertise. When I was in college, we had Digital Marketing as our core subject and every student was able to score really good marks because everything was in theory. What is digital marketing, why it is important, comparison b/w traditional and digital media, what is organic and paid SEO. But all these questions and their answers will not help until and unless we do it practically and understand how SEO works, how we analyze digital campaigns, how keywords and tags improve your website visibility on the internet, etc. Digital marketing is one of the domains which is booming and for sure will boom more in upcoming years. If anyhow we can teach students about digital marketing tools such as - SEM Rush, Frase, Moz, Buzzsumo, etc. then it may surely secure their career. Just making a campaign on social media or taking your advertisements live on Facebook won't make you a digital marketing expert. Many other things must be taken care of by educational institutes.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Ashwin P: We are introducing the flavor of "Neuromarketing" in Digital, it is going to be the next major trend. It will make digital marketing more effective and specified to understand the digital audience better.