Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Rahul Kumar
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  • Published Date : 13 July , 2021
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The focus of any business is to get as many clients and customers in through the door as possible. Marketing holds the key to attracting them and generating leads. In the upcoming year, some businesses might continue to opt for traditional means of advertising such as advertisements on billboards, television, or YouTube. But most savvy businesses will start relying exclusively on digital marketing in 2021. The reason is simple, we have entered the digital era firmly in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into it. And, this has made businesses transition to the digital model as well so they can survive. This rapid switch has made them realize that going digital is productive and cost-effective. The importance of digital marketing lies in the fact that it provides multiple innovative solutions. And, businesses will continue to capitalize on this trend the next year. Digital marketing resonates with the young generation and plays an important psychological role in building up the consumer base.

In this interview, Rahul Kumar, a Digital Marketing, SMO and Web Design Lead at  PeopleHive talks about his journey and his future plans in the field of digital marketing. 

Rahul Kumar, despite being relatively new to the field, is well-equipped with a wide array of skills and is adept at multitasking. Other than marketing, he has expertise in areas such as Web Design & Development, Social Media Optimization, Content Writing, Graphic Design, WordPress, Databases, and Blog writing. Using his digital marketing skills, he has helped various prominent organizations such as Antwak(E-learning), Google for startup accelerator 2020, Hatsoff Accessories Pvt. LTD, NIT, IIT, and IIM. Rahul has also been certified as a Content Expert from Career 360, worked on Data Science Project for a Central Drug Research Institute and as a Former Marketer for IIT Madras. Being a hardworking and honest individual with a strong work ethic, Rahul is the perfect example of the quote, ’Hard Work leads the road to Success’.

How did your journey start and what made you choose & pursue a career in Digital Marketing?

Rahul Kumar: When I was in my 2nd Semester, I got the opportunity to work as an SEO intern for an E-Commerce brand Hatsoff Accessories Pvt Ltd. I think this is where I came to the realisation that I should choose this as a career path as I already have some knowledge in HTML, CSS and Python.

Do you think you made the right move by choosing this profile which is still evolving?

Rahul Kumar: Yes, I think this is the best decision that I ever made as it has assisted me to pay my monthly bills and my job as a freelancer has helped me work on a lot of projects and make my own money.
Could you tell us about your day-to-day activities as a digital marketer?

Rahul Kumar: My daily work requires me to check the progress of ongoing campaigns and Facebook ads/Google ads and to keep track of leads as well as report generation, social brand awareness and insights checking.

Digital Marketing is a vast field comprising various verticals like Social Media, SEO/SEM, Analytics, Content, Digital Strategy, Programmatic Ads, Website UX UI, etc. Could you elucidate about your role? What do you think are the top three qualities to be acquired by someone in a similar domain?

Rahul Kumar: As a Digital Marketer, my role is to work on SEO/ SMO/ SMM/ WordPress/ Website/ Content writing/ Google adwords/ Google analytics etc., for brand growth and lead generation. Every Digital Marketer should have a good understanding of SEO/SMO, Analytics and Content writing for sustaining in this field.

Could you brief us about your long & short term career goals?

Rahul Kumar: My long term goal is to gain an academic position in the Digital Marketing Faculty of an elite Public University in India to teach others what I have learned, through my experiences in this domain. It will be a very demanding field with the highest paying jobs in the coming years. My short term goal is to gain some more experience in this domain for a few years and with a major MNC.

According to you, what is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Rahul Kumar: Programmatic ads and Chatbot marketing will be the major trending verticals of Digital marketing in the coming years.

Lastly, what would your advice be to the budding digital marketers?

Rahul Kumar:  In order to sustain as a Digital marketer in the industry, it is essential to keep updating oneself with the latest technology and changes in the field, along with the new google algorithms in order to stay in the game in this challenging and fast growing field.