Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Natasha Mehra
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  • Published Date : 8 July , 2021
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In a world where people prefer spending most of their time on various social media platforms or learning new skills online, marketing has also taken a new turn to adapt to this ever-growing digital atmosphere. In such a situation, it is only natural that businesses are moving towards growing their online presence beyond just their company websites to focused social media marketing strategies that are exciting and tempt us to take a closer peek into their stories, products and services. The main aim of Digital Marketing today is to present a product in such a way that people feel its absence when it’s not there. With millions of active social media users in India alone, digital marketing has changed the entire face of the advertising industry and has become an indispensable tool. 

In this interview, Natasha Mehra, currently a Digital Marketing Manager at Social Beat, talks about her journey in Digital Marketing as well as her plans for the future. 

Having graduated from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Natasha is ingenious in her work and passionately follows the latest fashion trends from around the world. A motivated and diligent worker, she has interned at numerous fashion shows, with experience from working both, backstage as well as upfront. Despite being relatively new to the field, her creativity and commitment to work have led her towards achieving various laurels in the digital marketing industry, all in a matter of 3.5 short years. As a social media strategist, she has helped brands grow their businesses with Facebook and Linkedin marketing solutions. She is passionate about all things data and strategy and has provided digital solutions to various progressive companies such as Lancor, Baashyaam, Shapoorji Pallonji, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, and ICICI Lombard.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Natasha Mehra: 3.5 Years. It's been great and exciting, I get to learn something new everyday.

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform with your best interest?

Natasha Mehra: People's interests and behaviour patterns don't change, and in the field which we are in, we have 3 seconds to grab their attention towards our brand, making sure we reach out to the right audience, it's challenging but you still end up learning a lot from it.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Natasha Mehra: There has been an incredible rise in content consumption and creation.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Natasha Mehra: Facebook's Pooja Milk Center

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Natasha Mehra: According to me, the most significant tools for the new digital marketers are:
1. Google Adwords
2. Facebook Ads Manager
3. Google Analytics

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Natasha Mehra: The biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile is lack of automation of mundane processes.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Natasha Mehra: AI based Automation Marketing might be the next major trend.