Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Dinakaran L
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  • Published Date : 8 July , 2021
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Most people believe that Digital Marketing is about the unwanted pop-ups that show up on the screen every time they open a website or the compulsory advertisements that they have to watch while using YouTube. However, digital isn’t just advertising; it's more than that. Digital Marketing is about telling stories, making connections to unite people and creating experiences. A great digital marketing strategy is one that tells a great story - a tale about ‘who we are’ and about ‘what gives our lives meaning’. Digital stories give companies a chance to connect with their online audience by getting them to experience the similarities between the brand and themselves. When the audience gets to know the brand and understands the company’s goals and dreams, they develop a deep personal connection with the brand - one that resonates deeply with them and gives their lives a little more meaning. 

In this interview, Dinakaran L, currently a Digital Marketing Manager at Clarity Travel Technology Solutions, talks about his journey, along with his achievements and challenges faced.

Dinakaran is a Digital Marketing and e-Commerce expert and has been recognized as an authoritative voice in the digital field through his various bestselling ebooks and blog, As a hustler and a passionate teacher, he has lectured at significant institutes such as Hindustan University and Sri Krish Cambridge International School. In his pursuit for excellence, he has achieved various distinctions such as an honorary award in Digital Transformation & Holistic Learning Conference conducted by Microsoft India, Google CS First Certified Teacher, and Best Digital Marketer of the Year Award by Hectacle Technologies in 2018. He also played a key role at SKI Group of Institutions and SKI Group of Companies, Comodo, Hectacle Technologies, and Mach Dot Technologies in India.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Dinakaran L: Extremely exciting and enjoying it. I have seen the industry grow from day 1 of my career as a digital marketer for the past 8 years.

When did you decide it’s the right time to make a career shift towards Digital Marketing? Do you think it was worth it?

Dinakaran L: While in the final year of my graduation, I sensed the digital transformation happening and social media emerging out of nowhere. So I decided to take up a role as a digital marketer in 2012.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Dinakaran L: New Platforms, New Tools, New Methodologies has changed and evolved the Digital Marketing industry.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Dinakaran L: One digital campaign that stands out for me has to be the B2B Business Google Ads Campaign, to get leads for hand sanitizer in this pandemic situation.

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Dinakaran L: Three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer:
1. Google Analytics
2. SEM Rush
3. Ahref

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Dinakaran L: Lots of dilution happening and staying ahead of the talent pool remains a challenge.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Dinakaran L: AI & Machine Learning Ads are definitely the next major trends in Digital Marketing.