Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Keshav Krishnan
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  • Published Date : 3 August , 2021
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In 2019, consumers went to stores and malls to buy their products. Today, they shop for goods on Amazon, Instagram, or company websites. Calling the change that customer interaction has undergone as massive would be an understatement. Digital developments that occur daily now drive the way consumers interact and transact with businesses, creating a multitude of opportunities as well as challenges for the company. The opportunity for brands lies in the fact that they can now make their products easily viewable and accessible while reducing their costs. The challenge they now face is that every business is aggressively competing in the digital space; competition levels that are new and have never been seen before. It is for this reason that companies hire digital marketing experts - to understand how they can interact with their customers, build their digital presence and gain recognition online.

In this interview, Keshav Krishnan, currently the Senior SEO Analyst at iQuanti, Inc. talks about his journey and role in this field.

Keshav is an experienced Digital Marketer and Niche Site Expert with a demonstrated history of creating a portfolio of niche websites and working in a large diversity of industries such as online news agencies, advertising agencies, and home décor. His core strength is his deep understanding of platforms, brands, and creatives. Being a multi-talented individual, Keshav has helped brands to grow their business with Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, and Content. He is on a mission to help Young Bloggers earn passive income online and believes that “Content is King” – It is where much of the real money can be made on the Internet.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been? 

Keshav K: It has been 5.5 years, working in the Digital Marketing industry, and honestly, it has been a great learning experience. I started my journey as a part-time SEO executive, learning and implementing several skills during these years helped me grow as a Niche Site and Passive Income Expert.

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform in your best interest?

Keshav K: I believe that getting inspired and motivated to perform only comes from gaining in-depth knowledge and keep learning new skills every day.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Keshav K: Introduction of New Tools & Platforms, SEO and Marketing strategy has changed and evolved the Digital Marketing industry.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Keshav K: Topic recommendations for American Express Business Content Hub is the one  digital campaign that definitely stands out for me.

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Keshav K: I would love to suggest 3 tools for entry-level bloggers and digital marketers -

1. SEMrush,

2. Ahrefs, and

3. Google Analytics

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Keshav K: As per my thoughts, the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile is that a lot of dilution is happening in this industry and now it is "Survival of the fittest".

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Keshav K: AI & Machine Learning is certainly the upcoming major trend in Digital Marketing.