How to increase Instagram followers in India – The Complete Guide

  • Author: Natasha Mehra
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  • Published Date : 4 August , 2020
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For businesses today, Instagram is the new cool. But Instagram, unlike Facebook, is more private. To boost posts or sponsor posts is expensive, and in that process brands also lose credibility. There was a point when Instagram allowed users to buy followers or use a bot to do so. But now, it has begun to filter out fake users and eliminate non-authentic ways to get real followers. Businesses today need real people who follow their page, so that it not only increases their visibility on social media but also converts them into billable clients. 

Just as with any marketing idea, there are certain things a brand needs to keep in mind:

  • Target audience: Who exactly are your potential customers? Who should be interested in your brand, and most importantly where do they live? Once you know your customer base well,  you can target content towards them in a very specific manner that attracts them to your brand and get more followers on Insta!  

McDonald’s will not want fans of fried chicken following their page, nor will they target an audience of the age above 50, because those people don’t particularly enjoy fast food. 

  • Problem solution: Every brand is a solution to some problem your target audience has, so hit those points well while you market your page, and you will have more people come forward to interact with your page. The more you position yourself as a solution, the more people will want to know about you!

Dunzo acts as a viable solution to people's needs. People are always forgetting things or running errands. Dunzo identified this problem and offered a solution by becoming delivery partners and running your errands for you, throughout Bangalore. 

  • Brand Image: Several brands present a unique persona of their brand, either by showing employee stories or customer stories. But since you’ve taken to that view, you cannot begin to suddenly shift and show content antithetical to that image. Your brand image should be consistent and easily recognizable. (use Mc.D or Burger Kings example via Mad Over Marketings page)
  • Content is King: How engaging your content is determines the number of users. The more engaging the content, the longer the user stays on your page and interacts with your posts. Create a quiz, create a poll, create a challenge, and give away some exciting and useful rewards. Engage them with new ideas, while also entertaining them with the same. And in today’s world, people have a very low attention span, but a lot of time to spend on Instagram, so use that to your advantage!

TheWeddingScript has some great quiz ideas they present every week, either about celebrities or about how well we know their weddings to engage users. 

  • Aesthetic appeal: How your page looks matters a lot.  People like direct communication. Your bio and your brand image must be clear. When a non follower who is unaware of your brand lands on your page, reading the bio and looking at your picture, or your first few posts must instantly figure out what the brand exactly does. Make sure your username is catchy and one that is used on your other social media channels (Facebook notifies people if the same brand has a page on both social networks) put in the details of your website because people will check that for credibility. Make sure you have a small bio, but a precise one at the same time. 

The Mad Over Marketing page has just the right description and uses the perfect outlook, users on Instagram read the name and know all they need to know about the page, make a presence like that. 

  • Social Media presence: Make sure you have an additional social media presence so that you can promote this page on other platforms too. Present your brand in a way that people from other platforms want to check you out.  If you create a buzz around your page, like a  quiz or a fun challenge and promote the responses on your other platforms, you will have a larger footfall and gain more followers on Insta. People will be curious to know more about your brand and stay loyal as well. This also allows people on one platform to join the other, automatically increasing the number of followers. Don’t promote a post until you have a substantial amount of content present on your page. People should understand what you do. 
  • Get on the streets: Promoting your online page offline also gets likes and followers and likes for your page. Your website, your other social media platform profile, and your brand merchandise must all be linked to your Instagram page, so your customers can follow you online as well. Email blasts are also a very old albeit good way to inform people about your Instagram page. Since most people today have taken to Instagram, checking your page out will once be informed by email will be a call to action they will take. 
  • Your Nametag: not too many people know that your name tag can be scanned so you are found easily on Instagram. The top right corner 3 lines on your profile page show your name tag that you can share on all your marketing material and with just one tap people will be led to your profile and if they like what they see, you have an extended follower base. 
  • The Hashtag world: Instagram began this idea of hashtags, people use it for their weddings, brands use it for products, we tell you to use it for various posts as well. These hashtags allow people to see all posts that share the same hashtag. A lot of brides also use wise hashtags to get a wider reach on their posts. It's always good to use trending hashtags on your posts and stories, as well as to create some new ones of your own. Once people see the new hashtag being used, it will become a trend you started that caught on. Never use too many hashtags, the old saying of too many cooks spoiling the broth goes for too many hashtags too, it makes the post look like a scam. Hashtag stickers are better used in stories than just plain hashtags because Instagram shows all their friends' stories that used the sticker in a separate story for that user. 
  • Timing is everything: timing matters a lot, you need to post at the right time, post often, and schedule your posts in a way that people see it. People usually take out time for social media right after or before their meals. So posting at 1:30pm, 2:30pm, 6:30pm, 10:00pm would be apt, since this is the time people have been recorded to use social media the most, the more number of people seeing it, the more the followers too when you boost the post. 
  • Getting featured: it's always nice to see your brand featured on another page. Collaborations are a wise strategy to increase the number of followers and get real followers.  And if you have the right content, you might also trend on Instagram. The minute people tap on the search icon, they’ll find your brand. You must also try and host live sessions with relevant personalities and announce upcoming events. During this lockdown, people have used social media more than ever and are viewing a plethora of content. Get features and feature trending personalities to boost likes on instagram!  

Stand up comedians doing a promotional video (Kusha Kapila and Danish Sait do a lot of these, have them feature on your page - their followers stop doing everything to listen to them!)

  • Make a mark: Leaving your mark is one thing, but making a mark by telling friends to tag and post about your page, having influencers do the same, and posting valuable content will take your page to new heights and get you more likes and followers on Insta.

  • Insights and inside shots: Instagram insights is a useful mechanism to see what’s working for your page and what isn’t. Use that to your advantage and also post ‘how-to videos’ and stories. They will make your viewer feel like they have inside access, which makes them feel closer to the brand. Always show responses to your stories.  This shows that you are inclusive and that you care about your followers. 

Aim for getting real followers on Instagram through great content, deeper engagement and a burning desire to form long lasting relationships with your followers.