How to Become Google Ads Specialist in India

  • Author: Antriksh Saxena
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  • Published Date : 27 July , 2020
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Google Ads specialist is someone who specializes in one or more advertising campaign types such as Google Search, Display, Video, Shopping or Mobile advertising and helps drive valuable traffic to get optimal business returns for the money spent on online advertising. Key role of an advertising specialist involves understanding in which direction an Ad campaign may take, how a campaign expands or changes its focus and then taking the right decisions accordingly.

What are the qualities of a Good Advertiser?

A) Active management - The more time you put into an account, the better the campaigns perform. One should spend at least 30 mins a day reviewing campaigns, deriving insights from the same and optimizing them for better performance.

B) Passion for Numbers - Almost everything here is a numbers game. It’s important to be comfortable with numbers and interpreting graphs and data.  You should feel at ease with the ups and downs of the daily changes in numerical data. 

C) Creativity - Understanding the end user’s needs, thinking in users’ perspective on how he/she is going to perceive the ad is important. The Ad communication is one of the most important things which helps an advertisement stand out from competitors. 

D) Microsoft Excel skills  - For a Google ads specialist, all the data off the Google dashboard comes through Microsoft Excel.  It is definitely a must have skill. It helps you compile the data, generate reports and get a detailed understanding of campaign performance. 

F) Problem Solving - Things may not go as per plan all the time. There will be some ups and downs that you face frequently. Account specialists should be capable of solving such problems and take measures to mitigate these problems in the future.  

G) Patience - Results or outcomes may take time, sometimes weeks or even months. Things may not be in your control and dealing with uncertainties will be difficult.  Taking impulsive quick decisions on non performing campaigns may not result in better results. You must have patience to allow the system to learn properly and to turn campaigns into its full potential. Once you master this skill, the rest is a breeze! 

 What does a Google Advertising Specialist Do?

A Google Ads specialist is capable of handling all aspects of a Google Ads campaign. He/She: 

 1. Helps analyze market trends, competition, and creates advertising strategies for businesses.

2. Plans campaign structures & Ad budgets.

3. Creates campaigns in Google Search, Google Display Partner and Google Mobile Ads.

4. Keeps up with the latest trends, and experiments with new things to stay ahead of competitors.

5. Does effective keyword research to target the desired consumer base.

6. Manages campaign bids and optimizes campaigns for better performance.

7. Tests different ads by creating different headlines & ad copies

8. Helps with all the analytics of website

9. Sets up quantifiable goals, tracks conversions and measures business returns.


Certifications in any field indicate that you meet a certain standard of competence and display expertise, which gives you a competitive advantage and access to job opportunities, higher pay scale and job security.

Google Certification - Having Google Ads Certification in your portfolio is absolutely essential for employers to recognize you as an expert who has attained a certain level of expertise in the field. Google Ads offers certification programs in Google Search, Display, Video, Shopping, Measurements and Google Ads Apps.

DigiGrad - DigiGrad is a new initiative by Social Beat, one of India's fastest-growing digital marketing agencies. Gain knowledge and exposure in Google Ads and digital marketing as a whole with real world examples, case studies and live projects through this course. The course is designed by the Social Beat team that has consulted and worked with some of the biggest brands in India. 

Scope and Career Opportunities Google Ads Expert in India

With Covid-19 playing around, Digital marketing has picked up the pace among youngsters as a sought after career option. Businesses are also increasingly hiring digital marketing professionals. Having said that, the scope for Google Ads Specialists in India is massive and is only growing as the world becomes increasingly more digital.