How much can I earn from a digital marketing job in India?

  • Author: Lavanya U
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  • Published Date : 16 December , 2020
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How much can I earn from a digital marketing job in India?


From remote learning to online shopping, everything going digital, the economy online is only ever-growing. With the rise in digital marketing avenues, the presence and activation of companies and individuals online is only a necessity now with a dire need to meet with the digital trends of 2020. With user-engaging apps like TikTok growing further, there is a wide spectrum of advertisement avenue for brands.


While digital marketing strategies and campaigns are groundbreaking and setting new benchmarks, the talent behind the execution becomes highly crucial. Careers in digital marketing are the hot-selling cakes in the jobs industry due to the progressive growth it brings and the creativity it takes. There are various opportunities for one in this industry as the face-to-face business markets are slowly coming down. The bloom and expansion of digital agencies are creating a new wave of talents and fierce competition.

For anyone looking to start a career in digital marketing, the first question to pop up would be, ‘How much do digital marketers make?’ ‘ How much does a digital marketer earn?” “Are digital marketing salaries for freshers good enough?” Especially for the college graduates to nurture their creativity and energy, this would be the potential field to start their career with discussions on the digital marketing salary for freshers. We all have institutions coming up with numerous digital marketing courses online in favour of the opportunity.

Let’s take a look at the various roles one has an opportunity to start with and how much does a digital marketer earn:

Social media specialist 

As a social media specialist, you would be responsible for end-to-end operations of all digital marketing activities for brands.  You would be involved in the planning, ideating, and execution of the campaigns on a daily basis.

Social media specialist salary in India: Rs. 4,20,000 / year

Social media manager

If you have experience in working for brands, helping them strategise their digital marketing activities in line with their goals, this is for you. From managing a team of different talents, making key plans backed up by data and creativity, this role expects you to keep up with the market trends.

Digital marketing manger salaries can go up to quite a lot. A Social media manager salary in India: Rs. 5,70,000 /year and upwards

Digital advertising specialist

An advertising specialist is an expert in managing and executing digital paid campaigns across multiple channels. A knack for numbers, analytics, data and driving performance using those insights is a must.

Digital advertising specialist salary in India: Rs. 3,00,000 /year and upwards

Digital advertising manager

This role requires 2-3 years of experience in driving digital campaigns across channels. You would be responsible for driving the growth of multiple brands and your team of ad specialists as well.

Digital advertising manager salary in India: 

Content marketing specialist

Not just writing, but content writing for digital mediums is the talent required now in numerous companies/agencies. It requires to frame content suitable for all platforms including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Websites, etc after analysing the keyword strategy which works the best for the brand.

Content marketing specialist salary in India: Rs. 3,70,000 /year and upwards

Graphic/Visual designer

All things visual and all things creative are the attributes required for a designer. Right from designing creatives to creating a brand identity for products and services, there is the involvement of a designer in each and every step. 

Graphic designer salary in India: Rs. 4,00,000 / year and upwards

SEO specialist  

Analysing, executing and optimising the website and its content to organically rank better is the primary role of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. One should be able to be comfortable with numerous tools like SEMrush, Similar web, Search Console, Google Analytics, etc which is key to the role.

SEO specialist salary in India: Rs. 3,50,000 / year and upwards

Video/motion graphics editor

One constant best practice for all brands is videos and hence the experts are also on demand for this role. Ideally, the right candidate for this role should be well-versed in editing, development and post-production. With the right skills of technology and creativity, one can create wonders in this role.

Video editor salary in India: Rs. 4,00,000 /year & upwards

UX specialist

Collaborating with marketers to give their interface or website an easy of user experience along with technology and design is what UI/UX specialists work on. With more and more eCommerce brands established, it becomes a key for this role as everything goes mobile-first. It is one of the top digital marketing careers in India

UI/UX specialist salary in India: Rs. 5,20,000 /year & upwards


The role of the copywriter becomes super crucial as agencies and brands try to win the creative game. He/she would be ideating, researching and editing copies across different industries, The ability to be quick and smart in your writing to keep up with any trend or be the trend itself is the key.

Copywriter salary in India: Rs. 4,30,000 /year & upwards

Web developer

This role requires writing, coding, testing and web development of websites. JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Web Programming Skills, E-Commerce are some of the technical skills expected.

Web developer salary in India: Rs.4,00,000 /year & upwards