Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies in Chennai

  • Author: Dheer Sanghvi
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  • Published Date : 19 June , 2020
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With the whole world struggling to cope with the unexpected advent of COVID-19, several businesses are staring at a grim future. However, Digital Marketing is a field, which has experienced a boom over the past few months and continues to survive despite all odds.

Digital Marketing is a form of marketing which involves minimal interactions and is facilitated almost entirely through a digital platform, through the support of an electronic device and a stable internet connection combined with online communication skills. 

Digital marketing consists of various practices that distinguish itself from the typically observed form and functioning of marketing. A few popular services, which digital marketing comprises of are:

1) Social Media Marketing

2) SEO marketing

3) Web Development

4) Content writing

5) Online advertising (Google, Facebook, Youtube)

6) influencer marketing

7) SMS marketing

8) Email marketing

As recent as January 2020, India has 493 million (87%) live internet users. It is predicted that businesses that do not maintain a digital presence have a high chance of being wiped out, considering the impending threat of digital competitors. The digital advertising spectrum in India rose by 26% from Rs 10,859cr (2018) to 13,683cr (2019) and is expected to go all the way up to 58,550 cr by 2025. While television appears to have an advantageous and un-detested reach, the FMCG sector recorded the highest expenses on digital channel advertising (Rs 20,180 cr i.e., 30%), followed by E-commerce (10%) and the automotive sector. Print media's share of expenses is speculated to crash to 27% by the end of 2020. 

Zoho and Freshworks, two business giants, often attribute Tamil Nadu to India's Saas (Software as a service) capital.

In Tamil Nadu, Chennai is understood as a city with a relatively lower tendency to adapt to current practices and businesses when compared to other cities such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Gurugram. But when analyzed, it successfully retains the nature of a Software capital, through continued and increasing engagement with existing businesses. "Startups here may not have access to the best marketing talent which Mumbai or Bangalore has, but in terms of pure technical talent, Chennai takes the top spot,” says Roy, a tech expert. 

Chennai is home to top-notch digital marketing agencies.

Here’s a comprehensive list: 


Started by Mr. Sorav Jain, EchoVme follows a customized digital marketing approach. It employs a 360 approach while providing digital aid, digital services, and training programs to various clients. Their clientele consists of 50+ esteemed brands, and their 100+ workshops have helped over 2000+ professionals and 200+ brands. Their other services include Corporate Blogging, Online Marketing Services, Social Media Marketing, Responsive Web Development, and Digital Marketing Training.

 Social Beat

Founded in 2012, by Vikas Chawla and Suneil Chawla, Social Beat is India's first ROI driven digital marketing agency. Social Beat in 2017 bagged the best social media brand award by Social Samosa, followed by being certified as the only digital marketing company Google certified for innovation in search and display advertising. They're even a part of Facebook's SME council in India.

Social Beat further parents four startups: 

a) DigiGrad – Provides Digital Marketing training programs

b) – Connects brands with influencers with a network of over 40,000 influencers.

c) 22Languages – Provides a multilingual strategy to strengthen influencer and brand promotions and collaborations. Through this product, Social Beat attempts to empower local influencers and provide them with a platform.

d) Ads Quotient – Provides performance marketing through a thorough understanding of competitor benchmark followed by audience insights and utilizing AI to improve ROI. 

Their specialized services include social media marketing, online advertising, search engine optimization, e-commerce solutions, mobile applications, influencer marketing, website development, landing page development, and online branding. Their clients include Himalaya, Khatabook, mfine, chumbak, and many more. 


Techmagnate is a digital marketing company in Chennai which has lots of experience and market leadership in the digital marketing space. Techmagnate was one of the selected 65 Google partner agencies out of 4000 different agencies who applied for the same.  Techmagnate was further selected as one of the top 5 SEO companies in India by Silicon India, 2015. It also bagged the Best Digital Agency to work for by CEO magazine, 2017. They provide both organic and paid services. They are SEO experts, but continue to drive forward by integrating their SEO practices with PPC advertising, SM and Conversion rate optimization services. They maintain an astonishing, impressive 97% client retention rate.

 The Pixelate

Pixelate is a digital marketing agency which started out just 4 years ago. Pixelate’s team consists of a group of individuals who are knowledgeable and well versed in the digital marketing industry. They provide a plethora of services such as creative services, social media marketing, digital marketing, advertising, photography, influencer marketing, guerrilla marketing, and much more.


Weboin, is a young startup that specializes in brand consulting, digital marketing, and design. It was founded in 2017.  Within a period of 3 years, they have 248 happy customers, have won 39 awards, and have completed 178 projects. Weboin’s team of consultants comprise professionals from various fields of technology, marketing, sales with prior experience through working at leading MNCs. They have worked with various renowned brands, within a short period of 3 years such as OnePLus, Mayoclinic, McDonalds, and Foxtons to name a few.

 Banana Brandwords 

Banana Brandwords is an exceptional digital marketing agency that started in 2007. Banana Brandwords consists of strategic consultants leverage their knowledge and determination to deliver the best possible solutions. Banana Brandwords follows a simple three-step process  - think free, be simple and effective, focus on aesthetics and keep things interesting. It has won multiple awards such as Big Bang Gold by Hyatt Regency, Ahmedabad for F&B collaterals, Peppers Gold for direct mailer, and Maddy's Gold Greenworks for packaging. 


Infinix founded in 2011, is a complete branding, digital marketing, and advertising focused agency. It comprises less than 50 employees. Infinix consists of a team of creative, ROI driven team of experts. Some of their extensive achievements include #1 Digital Marketing agency by Business Review Today. Within 10 years in business, they have amassed 500 clients and completed a total of 1500 projects. Their services include branding solutions, creative design, digital marketing, and video production. As per testimonials, their SEO services are praise-worthy. 


Webboomba was born on 24th December 2016. They provide sector-specific solutions and remarketing functions. They believe in re-approaching digital marketing in a unique manner and following up with re-creating and putting forward a recreated social branding for their client. They have various partnerships that are premier Google partners, LinkedIn marketing partner, Facebook marketing partner, Hotstar partner, and partnership with Future Wall. They have also received an award for the best web branding service provider in Tamil Nadu, awarded by top state ministers and veteran industry leaders.  Their clients include Casagrand, Hiranandani communities, TATA Value Homes, The Belstead to name a few. 

Now that you’re aware of the top digital marketing agencies in Chennai, make sure you learn all essential digital marketing skills before you apply for your dream job!