Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Rahul Kumar
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  • Published Date : 13 July , 2021

The focus of any business is to get as many clients and customers in through the door as possible. Marketing holds the key to attracting them and generating leads. In the upcoming year, some businesses might continue to opt for traditional means of advertising such as advertisements on billboards, television, or YouTube. But most savvy businesses will start relying exclusively on digital marketing in 2021. The reason is simple, we have entered the digital era firmly in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us into it. And, this has made businesses transition to the digital model as well so they can survive. This rapid switch has made them realize that going digital is productive and cost-effective. The importance of digital marketing lies in the fact that it provides multiple innovative solutions. And, businesses will continue to capitalize on this trend the next year. Digital marketing resonates with the young generation and plays an important psychological role in building up the consumer base.

In this interview, Rahul Kumar, a Digital Marketing, SMO and Web Design Lead at  PeopleHive talks about his journey and his future plans in the field of digital marketing. 

Rahul Kumar, despite being relatively new to the field, is well-equipped with a wide array of skills and is adept at multitasking. Other than marketing, he has expertise in areas such as Web Design & Development, Social Media Optimization, Content Writing, Graphic Design, WordPress, Databases, and Blog writing. Using his digital marketing skills, he has helped various prominent organizations such as Antwak(E-learning), Google for startup accelerator 2020, Hatsoff Accessories Pvt. LTD, NIT, IIT, and IIM. Rahul has also been certified as a Content Expert from Career 360, worked on Data Science Project for a Central Drug Research Institute and as a Former Marketer for IIT Madras. Being a hardworking and honest individual with a strong work ethic, Rahul is the perfect example of the quote, ’Hard Work leads the road to Success’.

How did your journey start and what made you choose & pursue a career in Digital Marketing?

Rahul Kumar: When I was in my 2nd Semester, I got the opportunity to work as an SEO intern for an E-Commerce brand Hatsoff Accessories Pvt Ltd. I think this is where I came to the realisation that I should choose this as a career path as I already have some knowledge in HTML, CSS and Python.

Do you think you made the right move by choosing this profile which is still evolving?

Rahul Kumar: Yes, I think this is the best decision that I ever made as it has assisted me to pay my monthly bills and my job as a freelancer has helped me work on a lot of projects and make my own money.
Could you tell us about your day-to-day activities as a digital marketer?

Rahul Kumar: My daily work requires me to check the progress of ongoing campaigns and Facebook ads/Google ads and to keep track of leads as well as report generation, social brand awareness and insights checking.

Digital Marketing is a vast field comprising various verticals like Social Media, SEO/SEM, Analytics, Content, Digital Strategy, Programmatic Ads, Website UX UI, etc. Could you elucidate about your role? What do you think are the top three qualities to be acquired by someone in a similar domain?

Rahul Kumar: As a Digital Marketer, my role is to work on SEO/ SMO/ SMM/ WordPress/ Website/ Content writing/ Google adwords/ Google analytics etc., for brand growth and lead generation. Every Digital Marketer should have a good understanding of SEO/SMO, Analytics and Content writing for sustaining in this field.

Could you brief us about your long & short term career goals?

Rahul Kumar: My long term goal is to gain an academic position in the Digital Marketing Faculty of an elite Public University in India to teach others what I have learned, through my experiences in this domain. It will be a very demanding field with the highest paying jobs in the coming years. My short term goal is to gain some more experience in this domain for a few years and with a major MNC.

According to you, what is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Rahul Kumar: Programmatic ads and Chatbot marketing will be the major trending verticals of Digital marketing in the coming years.

Lastly, what would your advice be to the budding digital marketers?

Rahul Kumar:  In order to sustain as a Digital marketer in the industry, it is essential to keep updating oneself with the latest technology and changes in the field, along with the new google algorithms in order to stay in the game in this challenging and fast growing field.

Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: digigrad_admin
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  • Published Date : 13 July , 2021

As an entrepreneur in the Digital world, the only way to enhance brand loyalty and a strong customer base is to create an emotional connection with the target audience. The most effective way of doing this is by meeting them where they spend most of their time and telling them the story that they want to hear. With people spending an average of 8 hours a day on various social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, social media is a favorable platform for businesses to market themselves and gain recognition. Social media marketing not only helps a brand connect with its customers on a personal level, but it also gives them the chance to tell their story to all their followers and inspire them through successes or past failures. It shows their customers how hard the company has worked to make their dream come true and how they, as consumers, can also achieve their dreams using their brand. Over time, social media marketing has proven not only to be cost-effective but also to be efficient in improving sales and building meaningful relationships with customers. 

In this interview, Sagnik Jaiswal, currently a Social Media Manager at Skepper Creative Agency, talks about his journey, along with his achievements and challenges faced.

Sagnik Jaiswal is an experienced digital marketer with a demonstrated history of working in a large diversity of industries such as Advertising Agency, Marketing & Public Relations Agency, Food & Beverages, Home Decor, and Hospital Industry. He is well-known for his work with famous companies like Infosys, Toni&Guy, Titan, Sneed, etc. Being a multi-talented individual, Sagnik is not only a strategic digital marketer, he is also interested in videography, photography, cinematography, and graphic designing. His mission is to build a Digital Community and Social Media Community that is built on core principles of humanity and simplicity, by improving one's social skills, happiness, and productivity.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Sagnik Jaiswal: It has been 11 years since I entered the Digital Industry. I started my journey as a celebrity photographer, while concurrently learning digital marketing. I have been working as a digital marketer specialising in the field of social media marketing for the last 8 years. Building Strategy for several brands is my core strength and that's what I call my forte.

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform in your best interest?

Sagnik Jaiswal: It is a hard question to answer! Everything around me motivates me. I always try to go creative, rather than just go regular. It is mandatory to perform out of the box but not always, which gives my capability unprecedented growth.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Sagnik Jaiswal: In the last 3 years, digital marketing has changed the way of life for every human being. From Google shopping features to checking the health of your plant with AI, everything we know is changing day by day and we can only hope to have a much better and safer future because of these developments.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Sagnik Jaiswal: My team and I helped build up the brand, Goeld Frozen Food, and carried out their product launch on Pan India basis which turned out to be a massive hit last year. The entire pre-launch, launch and post-launch strategy, implementation and measuring success was entirely executed by me and my team. I am happy to note that the brand is rapidly growing and it was among the most successful campaigns of 2020.

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Sagnik Jaiswal: According to me, the top digital marketing tools are:  Hubspot, Marketo and SEMRush.

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Sagnik Jaiswal: Nothing as such. But I have been seeing a few cases nowadays where people have been finding it difficult to get a job or sustain in this market. My advice to these people is that this is the time to enhance your skills and develop yourselves a bit more realistically so that you can overcome any hurdle that comes your way.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Sagnik Jaiswal: I think Clubhouse will be the trending and thriving platform even beyond Instagram and Facebook.

Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Leena Guha Roy
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  • Published Date : 12 July , 2021

With the entire world facing a pandemic together, the significance of the digital world has been magnified. We were already moving towards a digital economy; the coronavirus only sharpened its need and brought it into the spotlight. In a contactless world, the vast majority of business activities must take place virtually, one of which is marketing. With rare exceptions, operating digitally is the only way to stay in business through mandated shutdowns and restricted activity. For the marketing industry, the pandemic means a strong increase in competition and enhancement of the digital presence of businesses - it's either go big or go home. In such a situation, businesses must ensure that they have professionals on board to execute a strong digital strategy to protect themselves from being pushed out of the industry. A digital strategy will not only protect the business from lockdowns but will also ensure that the company emerges stronger from the pandemic and is ready to fight its competition. 

In this interview, Leena Guha Roy, currently a Lead Consultant for Digital Marketing at Uplitude, talks about her journey and role, along with advising our future digital marketers. 

Leena is a strong believer of the idea that perspective is key in the communication and marketing sphere to understand a brand and cater to them to maximize their outcome and achieve goals. She believes that the path to success in content is to publish good stuff, to understand what your readers want, and to meet their expectations consistently, across all platforms. She has worked as a Digital Marketing Specialist at various organizations such as Lotomation, The Wave Group, Infinity Advertising Services, and Amplio Technologies India. A dependable and motivated individual, she has won various awards of distinction such as the Special Jury Award at Drivers of Digital Awards 2016, the Gold Award at Brand Slam Awards 2017, and the award for best in Online content by Times Network in 2017.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Leena G Roy:
I started my digital marketing career with an aptitude that lies in understanding the perspective. That’s not a tangible business skill; but it encompasses the key thing that a marketer always needs in every step of marketing i.e. strategy, planning, execution.
Born in IT and bred in Convergence, I have an innate capacity to explore and conduct fanatical experiments with new things. This gave me a multi-layered opportunity to achieve a lot, in the form of amazing feats.
Today’s marketing is not what it was even 8 years back. We used to then focus on budget, tools, and skills. Now we are using artificial intelligence, GDPR, agile workflow etc. to meet the increasing demand of customer satisfaction. And all these certainly call for a tech savvy marketer. I am lucky that with continuous effort and passion, I have skilled myself to emerge as a digital native marketer.

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform with your best interest?

Leena G Roy: I always focused on the pure growth of the business. Data has always been a lifeline for me to perform and produce better results. It helped me enable cutting-edge customer segmentation, deep personalization and relevant messaging to customers and prospects.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Leena G Roy: The answer is a paradigm shift in what customers want. Customers’ buyer behaviour has changed a lot in the last few years. Providing customer service after they purchase has become outdated now. They prefer to experience the product before they make a purchase. So, it is essential to unlock their underlying emotions while marketing.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Leena G Roy: #ConnenctingSigns to break the barriers of communication by educating people about different sign languages commonly used in India.

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Leena G Roy: Marketing automation tool, Data Analytics tool and Social Listening tool

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Leena G Roy: Digital marketers are facing challenges in scaling up personalization. There is a roadblock that lies not just in data collection, but in organizational ailment, goal sharing and continuous communication.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Leena G Roy: The next big thing for a digital native marketer is product led growth. It will not be like “sell it and forget it” strategy. Even it is not a quick fix tactic. Marketers require a holistic approach to transition from typical sales-led growth. Thus, business can upend the traditional way of doing things.

Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Amithchand Shetty
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  • Published Date : 12 July , 2021

We live in a world that is rapidly and undeniably changing, for the better or the worse. With continuous technological advancements being made in every country and every sphere of life - be it medicine, education or entertainment - the only two options that businesses have are to catch up or to be left behind. Growing a business in this ever-changing digital landscape can become overwhelming, to simultaneously carry out all other tasks while efficiently creating, fine-tuning, and maintaining an agile digital marketing strategy. The importance of having a sound digital marketing strategy cannot be overemphasized. Simply put, such a strategy helps a business achieve specific digital goals through carefully selected online marketing channels - platforms such as Instagram or Facebook, marketing through the company website or selling products on Amazon. It is for this reason that professional and talented digital marketers are highly coveted and have become an indispensable tool to businesses today. 

In this interview, Amithchand Shetty, currently a Senior Manager for Digital Marketing at Social Beat, talks about his journey in Digital Marketing as well as his plans for the future. 

As a digital marketing specialist at Social Beat for the last 2 years and 9 months, it would be fair to say that Amith has always been highly result-oriented in his approach towards building a strong digital presence for his various clients. Amith has played an important hand in establishing the digital journey for Tata Mutual Fund. He is experienced in account management at a Mumbai Based Digital marketing agency and loves to execute campaigns with sincere dedication and utmost transparency. Amith’s core strength is his deep understanding of platforms, brands and even creatives. He is a dedicated and hard-working Digital Marketing professional, who made it up the ranks at Social Beat due to his diligent approach and strong work ethic. 

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Amith Shetty: It's been fascinating to be honest. Every time I think this is it and I know this platform, there is some or the other development which happens and changes the structure of advertising. There is so much to learn, understand and implement that you'll never get bored

When did you decide it’s the right time to make a career shift towards Digital Marketing? Do you think it was worth it?

Amith Shetty: Yes, it was worth it. I decided to shift towards Digital Marketing after coding for two years for an IT company realising python scripting was not really my calling

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Amith Shetty: The evolution has been steep. From using the digital medium only for a handful of roadblocks to marketers realising that digital can give you an end to end solution for driving ROI. More than the platforms, it's the marketers mindset which has evolved over the years for pushing the buck on digital

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Amith Shetty: Swiggy's voice of hunger would be the campaign for me. I think this campaign by Web Chutney opened the doors for social media managers to think laterally with the platform

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Amith Shetty: The top tools for a budding digital marketer are:
1. Microsoft Excel (The most important)

2. Google Adwords

3. Facebook Ads Manager

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Amith Shetty:
Work life balance!

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Amith Shetty:
Whatever it is, I can assure you that it won't be the same if you were to ask me this question after a month. But for now, clubhouse! Marketers and brands are finding ways to monetize clubhouse.

Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Natasha Mehra
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  • Published Date : 8 July , 2021

In a world where people prefer spending most of their time on various social media platforms or learning new skills online, marketing has also taken a new turn to adapt to this ever-growing digital atmosphere. In such a situation, it is only natural that businesses are moving towards growing their online presence beyond just their company websites to focused social media marketing strategies that are exciting and tempt us to take a closer peek into their stories, products and services. The main aim of Digital Marketing today is to present a product in such a way that people feel its absence when it’s not there. With millions of active social media users in India alone, digital marketing has changed the entire face of the advertising industry and has become an indispensable tool. 

In this interview, Natasha Mehra, currently a Digital Marketing Manager at Social Beat, talks about her journey in Digital Marketing as well as her plans for the future. 

Having graduated from JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Natasha is ingenious in her work and passionately follows the latest fashion trends from around the world. A motivated and diligent worker, she has interned at numerous fashion shows, with experience from working both, backstage as well as upfront. Despite being relatively new to the field, her creativity and commitment to work have led her towards achieving various laurels in the digital marketing industry, all in a matter of 3.5 short years. As a social media strategist, she has helped brands grow their businesses with Facebook and Linkedin marketing solutions. She is passionate about all things data and strategy and has provided digital solutions to various progressive companies such as Lancor, Baashyaam, Shapoorji Pallonji, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, and ICICI Lombard.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Natasha Mehra: 3.5 Years. It's been great and exciting, I get to learn something new everyday.

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform with your best interest?

Natasha Mehra: People's interests and behaviour patterns don't change, and in the field which we are in, we have 3 seconds to grab their attention towards our brand, making sure we reach out to the right audience, it's challenging but you still end up learning a lot from it.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Natasha Mehra: There has been an incredible rise in content consumption and creation.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Natasha Mehra: Facebook's Pooja Milk Center

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Natasha Mehra: According to me, the most significant tools for the new digital marketers are:
1. Google Adwords
2. Facebook Ads Manager
3. Google Analytics

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Natasha Mehra: The biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile is lack of automation of mundane processes.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Natasha Mehra: AI based Automation Marketing might be the next major trend.

Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Tejasvi Batria
  • |
  • Published Date : 8 July , 2021

Marketing has always been about connecting with the audience in the right place and at the right time. Earlier, this meant advertising via television, newspapers, or billboards. Today, since most people spend their time on the internet, it means meeting them on a digital platform. With 448 million social media users in India alone and the screen time per person progressively increasing as we experience a pandemic, all spheres of life - from going to school to playing chess - have moved online. In such a scenario, it is only natural that businesses also create an interactive digital space to build their brand image and increase customer engagement which is more effective online than offline as digital marketing allows you to identify and target a considerably specific audience, and send that audience personalized, high-converting marketing messages. This is a dominant field today which provides numerous opportunities to current and future generations. 

In this interview, Tejasvi Batria, currently a Senior Manager for Digital Marketing at Social Beat, gives us an insight into the world of digital marketing through his own experience. 

Tejasvi Batria, a team player and true believer of "Leaders are only as good as their Team", is dedicated and regards the growth, learning, and development of each team member. He is a skilled individual and is certified by Google, Facebook, and upGrad for his excellence in Digital Marketing, which can be seen by the awards won for his work with companies such as Swiggy, boAt, Jaquar, and PUBG Mobile. With in-depth knowledge and expertise across digital platforms, he is adept at delivering out-of-the-box solutions that translate into powerful digital communications and stories that stay with his audience long after they keep their device aside. With 5+ years of experience in driving and leading high-performing Business Development, Digital Growth and Brand Strategies for Retail, Real Estate, Consumer App and Healthcare Brands, Tejasvi is persistent and believes that we can change the world, message by message, story by story.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Tejasvi Batria: The journey has been impactful. Over the past years, I have had the opportunity to work with some of India's top brands and have been able to drive exponential results.

It is an extremely dynamic experience that has provided cross functional learning and a tremendous exposure.

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform with your best interest?

Tejasvi Batria: Creating unique and one of a kind digital solutions for both traditional brands and high growth startups is what keeps me going.

Each brand comes with a unique problem statement and I enjoy solving each with smart solutions to drive business goals and results.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Tejasvi Batria: Evolution in digital marketing is seen every minute. One must constantly be ready to adapt and keep unlearning - relearning the various platforms and their benefits.

When I began my journey - there were majorly 4 platforms that brands would leverage to drive their marketing goals. However with time, emerging platforms now aid brands to reach their end consumers across 15+ different mediums. Additionally, digital adoption by consumers has drastically expanded over the past few years.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Tejasvi Batria: Swiggy's Voice Of Hunger is a campaign which is really close to my heart. It is one of a kind campaign which leverages on using a small feature - such as voice recording on Instagram.
Really a witty and quirky one :)

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Tejasvi Batria: Google Analytics, Similar Web and BuzzSumo are the must-know tools for every future digital marketer.

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Tejasvi Batria: The ability to constantly keep yourself updated, up-skilled and relearn go hand in hand in this domain. This might be a major challenge for some budding digital marketers.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Tejasvi Batria: AI and Voice Recognition would surely be the next big thing in the sphere of Digital Marketing

Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Dinakaran L
  • |
  • Published Date : 8 July , 2021

Most people believe that Digital Marketing is about the unwanted pop-ups that show up on the screen every time they open a website or the compulsory advertisements that they have to watch while using YouTube. However, digital isn’t just advertising; it's more than that. Digital Marketing is about telling stories, making connections to unite people and creating experiences. A great digital marketing strategy is one that tells a great story - a tale about ‘who we are’ and about ‘what gives our lives meaning’. Digital stories give companies a chance to connect with their online audience by getting them to experience the similarities between the brand and themselves. When the audience gets to know the brand and understands the company’s goals and dreams, they develop a deep personal connection with the brand - one that resonates deeply with them and gives their lives a little more meaning. 

In this interview, Dinakaran L, currently a Digital Marketing Manager at Clarity Travel Technology Solutions, talks about his journey, along with his achievements and challenges faced.

Dinakaran is a Digital Marketing and e-Commerce expert and has been recognized as an authoritative voice in the digital field through his various bestselling ebooks and blog, As a hustler and a passionate teacher, he has lectured at significant institutes such as Hindustan University and Sri Krish Cambridge International School. In his pursuit for excellence, he has achieved various distinctions such as an honorary award in Digital Transformation & Holistic Learning Conference conducted by Microsoft India, Google CS First Certified Teacher, and Best Digital Marketer of the Year Award by Hectacle Technologies in 2018. He also played a key role at SKI Group of Institutions and SKI Group of Companies, Comodo, Hectacle Technologies, and Mach Dot Technologies in India.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Dinakaran L: Extremely exciting and enjoying it. I have seen the industry grow from day 1 of my career as a digital marketer for the past 8 years.

When did you decide it’s the right time to make a career shift towards Digital Marketing? Do you think it was worth it?

Dinakaran L: While in the final year of my graduation, I sensed the digital transformation happening and social media emerging out of nowhere. So I decided to take up a role as a digital marketer in 2012.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Dinakaran L: New Platforms, New Tools, New Methodologies has changed and evolved the Digital Marketing industry.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Dinakaran L: One digital campaign that stands out for me has to be the B2B Business Google Ads Campaign, to get leads for hand sanitizer in this pandemic situation.

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Dinakaran L: Three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer:
1. Google Analytics
2. SEM Rush
3. Ahref

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Dinakaran L: Lots of dilution happening and staying ahead of the talent pool remains a challenge.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Dinakaran L: AI & Machine Learning Ads are definitely the next major trends in Digital Marketing.

Interview Series – Decoding Digital Marketing Careers

  • Author: Pranav Agarwal
  • |
  • Published Date : 8 July , 2021

In today's Indian business scenario, Digital Marketing has become a popular stream where every company is stepping into this new strategy to build a high competitive strength. To increase the customer base and reach the target audience, digital marketing is the leading way to foster a business. Apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Zoom are integrated into all phases of life - from school, to work, to entertainment, to hanging out with friends! In a world with 3.1 million active social media users, digital marketing has changed the face of the advertising industry, for both small businesses as well as large companies. Therefore, wielding digital marketing tools such as knowledge on search engine optimization, social networking sites, content marketing and so on are in great demand.

In this interview, Pranav Agarwal, currently a Senior Manager for Digital Marketing at Social Beat, talks about his journey and role, along with advising our future digital marketers. 

As Senior Manager at Social Beat for the last three years and six months, Pranav has played an instrumental role towards achieving various milestones for the company such as strategizing and executing award-winning digital campaigns and project launches for Brigade Group, organizing the Digital Leadership summit at Bangalore, directing digital movies featuring Tiger Shroff for Himalaya's and various other events that have helped land Social Beat on the map as one of the leading digital marketing companies in Chennai. He also founded Noctua, an event management company and has worked for various other organizations like JBL Professional, The WordsEdge, and Tech Active, which paved the way for him to become a successful digital marketer today.

You’ve been in the digital industry for so many years now, how has your journey been?

Pranav Agarwal: Exciting, thrilling and full of learning!

As a digital marketer, what keeps you inspired & motivated to perform with your best interest?

Pranav Agarwal: It's an ever-evolving industry. To be able to stay up-to-date and implement the newest strategies and features for my clients (giving them the edge) is my top motivator. Since the work we do is on Digital, the possibility of it being picked up and showcased is a lot which motivates me to keep innovating.

What evolution have you seen in Digital Marketing over the last few years?

Pranav Agarwal: Digital Marketing used to be an after-thought for traditional brands when I started off. Now, even traditional brands are becoming digital-first which is the huge shift in terms of media investments moving from TV/Print to Digital.
With this increase in Digital Investments - influencers, personalization and vernacular content are top drivers for success.

Which is that one digital campaign that stands out for you?

Pranav Agarwal: Tata Cliq's #MallAtACliq campaign stands out the most for me. To come up with the concept of bringing the mall to users during the pandemic and to execute it the way it was, was marvellous!

If you were asked to list down the three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer, what would they be?

Pranav Agarwal: Three must-know tools for a budding digital marketer would be:
1. Google Analytics
2. Facebook Business Manager
3. Konnect Insights (or any other Social Listening tool)

According to you, which is the biggest challenge currently being faced in this career profile?

Pranav Agarwal: Unlearning. Unlearning is very important in this field as it is the only way one can move away from what they know to "work" to trying out newer things which can help scale newer heights. Unlearning is the key to innovating.

Lastly, what do you think is the next major trend in Digital Marketing?

Pranav Agarwal: AR shopping. Shop at the comfort of our homes but feel like you are at a store. It's a big movement in the eyewear category but I see it spreading to other categories soon too.

Best Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore

  • Author: Rhea
  • |
  • Published Date : 5 February , 2021

With the rise of internet technology and an increase in the presence of internet devices in our everyday lives, conventional marketing is becoming obsolete. An average person spends about 6 hours a day on the Internet via various devices (i.e. mobile devices, laptops, tablets etc) that provide the best platform for brands to promote their products and services digitally. As brands have now started focusing more on their digital presence, there is an increasing demand for digital marketing professionals especially in tech hubs like Bangalore. There are several top digital marketing courses in Bangalore you must consider to become a well-rounded digital marketing professional. 

Why Bangalore? Bangalore is an IT hub and a city that is packed with many start-ups and multinational companies. There is also a growing demand for skilled Digital Marketing professionals here. As a result, there are many digital marketing institutes in Bangalore that provide the opportunity to learn Digital Marketing and get trained in these skills for better placements

If you are looking for some of the best Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore, you should definitely consider the 5 options below which are a mix of both online and offline courses.

Digigrad - An IIM Alumni Initiative

DigiGrad is a digital training initiative by Social Beat. Founded in 2012, Social Beat is one of India's fastest-growing independent digital marketing solutions companies, enabling businesses to build their brands and achieve business via digital media.

Social Beat is a Premier Google Partner, recommended Facebook agency, member of Facebook India SME Council and a trusted online expert with offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Social Beat has worked with leading brands such as Swiggy, Himalaya, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, TATA, KhataBook and many others. 

Backed with a strong agency background, DigiGrad has started training professionals in digital skills through its comprehensive yet practical Digital Marketing Master program. It is one of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore right now. 

Why enroll in this course?

This Digital Marketing Master Program is an online certification course that will help you get trained in various domains of Digital Marketing and learn important skills in a practical manner.

This course is well suited for both beginners and experienced professionals who are looking to build a successful career in digital marketing


The team of instructors at DigiGrad are some of the top industry experts. The experience and knowledge held by these trainers will make your learning experience a great success. 

Here are some of your instructors:

  • Suneil Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat - Alumnus, IIM Ahmedabad (2007).
  • Vikas Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat Alumnus, London School of Economics (2009).
  • David Appaswamy, Head-Brand & Strategy, Social Beat.
  • Abhishek Kumar, Head, DigiGrad - Alumnus, IIM Ahmedabad (2014)  

And many other leading industry professionals and experts with vast experience in Digital.

Program Structure:

The course is divided into six modules along with 8-10 live projects, weekly assignments and a final cumulative exam. Digigrad gives importance to practical learning through industry-based live projects, throughout the three month program. 

All modules will be taught through live sessions but you can purchase a pre-recorded course as well. They built the learning environment through live classes in a way that it is interactive where doubts are cleared immediately.

The assignments are based on real, ongoing projects of the agency to make learning more practical, thus making it one of the top digital marketing courses in Bangalore. 

Course Duration and Fees structure:

Rs 60,000 for three months & Rs 90,000 for six months program. 

 Benefits & Assistance provided

  1. Internship and Job opportunities in leading companies such as Social Beat, BizBucks, Pidilite, Jaguar, Oyo, ITC and many more.
  2. One on one guidance and assistance throughout the course.
  3. Lifetime access to all the videos and learning material.
  4. Knowledge about 20+ tools used in Digital Marketing
  5. Training for Facebook, Blueprint, and Google Ads certifications. 

Thus, this course is designed to provide practical knowledge and impart those skills that cater to the present needs of the market.


IIMSkills is one of India's leading online training institutes, offering high-quality courses in various digital marketing domains in India and abroad.

The Digital Marketing Master course at IIMSkills is a 3-months program that covers 40 Digital Marketing modules.

Why enroll in this course?


The instructors at IIMSkills are different mentors for the different Digital Marketing course modules. Their mentors are top industry experts with more than 10 years of marketing experience.

Program Structure:

It is an extensive program that provides live online immersive classrooms with 180 hours of rigorous Digital Marketing training. To learn all the crucial components of the online marketing campaign, there are 120+ hours of assignments and 60+ hours of live online training.

The institute offers an online demo so that when you decide to register for the course, you understand what you are signing up for. You work with tools worth Rs 79,000+ in this course.

After completion of the course for sufficient experience and understanding of online marketing, you have the option of taking up their non-paid virtual internship.  All these perks make it one of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore, you must consider, to upskil yourself! 

Course Duration and Fees structure:

Rs 29,900+ GST for the 3 months program.

 Benefits & Assistance provided

1. Placement support and assistance for students

2.   Lifetime access to course recordings and class material

3. Opportunity to work on various Digital Marketing tools to get hands-on learning experience

4. Master Certification from IIM Skills & other certifications too

Digital Kora

Digital Kora is one of the top courses in digital marketing in Bangalore that provides great practical training. They provide focused classroom-based training with flexible batch timings and classes.

They provide Advanced Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore for one month for weekday, weekend, and online batches. In addition to their Digital Marketing course they also have specialized courses on various dimensions of Digital Marketing such as Email marketing, SEO, PPC, Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics.

Why enroll in this course?


They have good trainers that provide a classroom-based experience and provide guidance regarding various career opportunities in Digital Marketing.

Program Structure:

They have a one-month advanced course with daily 1 Hour classes and 4 hours of Practicals. You can practice different modules for 4 hours daily through live projects and assignments.

They cover 50+ Digital Marketing tools as part of the course and provide practical training through their live projects. Once the course ends, they have tie ups with reputed companies to employ their students.

Course Duration and Fees structure:

Rs 18,000 for a 1-month course.

 Benefits & Assistance provided

1.    100% Placement support and assistance for students

2.    They have more than 15+ certifications as part of the course

3.    40+ modules for Digital Marketing training

4.    Opportunity to work on various live assignments and projects

OMiT- Online Marketing Institute and Training

OMiT is a well-known training institute located in some of the key locations of Bangalore. They provide classroom-based training with flexible batch timings on both weekdays and weekends. They also have the option of live online classes as well.

They provide two major courses; one is a Masters in Digital Marketing which can be completed in 3 months and another is a Digital Marketing Crash Course which can be done in one month only.

Why enroll in this course?


One of the top digital marketing courses in Bangalore, they have highly skilled trainers who have more than 10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing. Their trainers have proven experience of working on real time projects, industry case studies and success stories.

Program Structure:

They provide 160+ hours of Digital Marketing Training in a span of 3 months, with interactive live classroom sessions. They cover 48+ modules that train you in various aspects of Digital Marketing.

Once the course ends, they provide placement assistance like resume building and mock interviews to help all the job seekers get placed. They also provide free guidance to entrepreneurs to help them set up their business. 

Course Duration and Fees structure:

2.5 -3 months course at Rs 45,000.

 Benefits & Assistance provided

1.  100% Placement support and assistance. They have tie ups with top MNCs, Digital  Marketing Agencies and leading E- commerce companies across Bangalore

2.    They guide in freelancing and entrepreneurship options

3.    14+ Digital Marketing Certifications including OMiT certificate and internship certificate

4.    Resume building, mock interviews, and live projects

Institute of Marketing 

Institute of marketing offers one of the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore. They offer professional Digital marketing courses both in classroom and live online classes.

They provide practical sessions from top industry experts and incorporate innovative training strategies to help expand your skillset in digital marketing.

Why enroll in this course?


They have experienced and certified trainers with additional guest lectures by industry experts.

Program Structure:

They provide 150+ hours of Digital Marketing classroom training. They have an Advanced Digital Marketing program of 2.5 months and a Digital Marketing crash course of 3 weeks. They provide placement assistance and live projects for hands-on experience.

The college students get internship opportunities post the program and entrepreneurship support & guidance from the mentors.

Course Duration and Fees structure:

2.5-month course at Rs 45,000.

 Benefits & Assistance provided

1.    100% Placement support and assistance.

2.    Only 6 Students per Batch for One on One Focus

3.    Alumni follow up support after course ends for any queries

4.    Networking events and meetups

5.    Resume building, mock interviews, and live projects

If you are looking to upskill yourself in different domains of Digital Marketing, now is the right time to start.

Just take your pick out of these 5 best Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore and start learning today! 

How much can I earn from a digital marketing job in India?

  • Author: Lavanya U
  • |
  • Published Date : 16 December , 2020

How much can I earn from a digital marketing job in India?


From remote learning to online shopping, everything going digital, the economy online is only ever-growing. With the rise in digital marketing avenues, the presence and activation of companies and individuals online is only a necessity now with a dire need to meet with the digital trends of 2020. With user-engaging apps like TikTok growing further, there is a wide spectrum of advertisement avenue for brands.


While digital marketing strategies and campaigns are groundbreaking and setting new benchmarks, the talent behind the execution becomes highly crucial. Careers in digital marketing are the hot-selling cakes in the jobs industry due to the progressive growth it brings and the creativity it takes. There are various opportunities for one in this industry as the face-to-face business markets are slowly coming down. The bloom and expansion of digital agencies are creating a new wave of talents and fierce competition.

For anyone looking to start a career in digital marketing, the first question to pop up would be, ‘How much do digital marketers make?’ ‘ How much does a digital marketer earn?” “Are digital marketing salaries for freshers good enough?” Especially for the college graduates to nurture their creativity and energy, this would be the potential field to start their career with discussions on the digital marketing salary for freshers. We all have institutions coming up with numerous digital marketing courses online in favour of the opportunity.

Let’s take a look at the various roles one has an opportunity to start with and how much does a digital marketer earn:

Social media specialist 

As a social media specialist, you would be responsible for end-to-end operations of all digital marketing activities for brands.  You would be involved in the planning, ideating, and execution of the campaigns on a daily basis.

Social media specialist salary in India: Rs. 4,20,000 / year

Social media manager

If you have experience in working for brands, helping them strategise their digital marketing activities in line with their goals, this is for you. From managing a team of different talents, making key plans backed up by data and creativity, this role expects you to keep up with the market trends.

Digital marketing manger salaries can go up to quite a lot. A Social media manager salary in India: Rs. 5,70,000 /year and upwards

Digital advertising specialist

An advertising specialist is an expert in managing and executing digital paid campaigns across multiple channels. A knack for numbers, analytics, data and driving performance using those insights is a must.

Digital advertising specialist salary in India: Rs. 3,00,000 /year and upwards

Digital advertising manager

This role requires 2-3 years of experience in driving digital campaigns across channels. You would be responsible for driving the growth of multiple brands and your team of ad specialists as well.

Digital advertising manager salary in India: 

Content marketing specialist

Not just writing, but content writing for digital mediums is the talent required now in numerous companies/agencies. It requires to frame content suitable for all platforms including Google, Facebook, Youtube, Websites, etc after analysing the keyword strategy which works the best for the brand.

Content marketing specialist salary in India: Rs. 3,70,000 /year and upwards

Graphic/Visual designer

All things visual and all things creative are the attributes required for a designer. Right from designing creatives to creating a brand identity for products and services, there is the involvement of a designer in each and every step. 

Graphic designer salary in India: Rs. 4,00,000 / year and upwards

SEO specialist  

Analysing, executing and optimising the website and its content to organically rank better is the primary role of a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. One should be able to be comfortable with numerous tools like SEMrush, Similar web, Search Console, Google Analytics, etc which is key to the role.

SEO specialist salary in India: Rs. 3,50,000 / year and upwards

Video/motion graphics editor

One constant best practice for all brands is videos and hence the experts are also on demand for this role. Ideally, the right candidate for this role should be well-versed in editing, development and post-production. With the right skills of technology and creativity, one can create wonders in this role.

Video editor salary in India: Rs. 4,00,000 /year & upwards

UX specialist

Collaborating with marketers to give their interface or website an easy of user experience along with technology and design is what UI/UX specialists work on. With more and more eCommerce brands established, it becomes a key for this role as everything goes mobile-first. It is one of the top digital marketing careers in India

UI/UX specialist salary in India: Rs. 5,20,000 /year & upwards


The role of the copywriter becomes super crucial as agencies and brands try to win the creative game. He/she would be ideating, researching and editing copies across different industries, The ability to be quick and smart in your writing to keep up with any trend or be the trend itself is the key.

Copywriter salary in India: Rs. 4,30,000 /year & upwards

Web developer

This role requires writing, coding, testing and web development of websites. JavaScript, JQuery, HTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, Web Programming Skills, E-Commerce are some of the technical skills expected.

Web developer salary in India: Rs.4,00,000 /year & upwards

10 Digital Marketing Strategies You Need to Implement for a Startup Business

  • Author: John Davier
  • |
  • Published Date : 3 November , 2020

Starting a new business is always challenging. Even if you develop the most innovative idea or have considerable funds, it’s not enough to get a startup business running. What you need is effective marketing. With a proper startup marketing strategy and dedication, your business can reach a broad audience in no time. 

You need to take proper steps to promote your business, or else your business is likely to collapse before you can do anything about it. The most effective way to promote any business in this technologically advanced era is digital marketing or e-commerce marketing. 

Nowadays, almost everyone has internet access. Reaching out to people is much easier than ever, thanks to the internet. And so digital marketing is mostly sufficient to kickstart a startup business and keep it running. So, we made a list of the top ten efficient digital marketing strategies that you can implement to your startup business to help you get started!

1. Social Media Marketing 

Social media is undoubtedly the best way to start digital marketing, and that is why it stands in the number 1 position on this list. Social media is the easiest way to reach out to people if the mainstream social media is used in the right way. After all, most people who have access to the internet use social media at least once every day. And most importantly, social media marketing is free - unless you want to publish premium advertisements. 

If you want to opt for social media marketing, it's pretty easy. You can open a business page to publish advertisements about your business or any specific product you wish to promote. The key is to post quality advertisements and be responsive to your potential clients. You can also ask your friends to help you to spread the word about your business by sharing your business page and products. Once people get to know about your business, it will grow day by day. And if you have the funds, you can also opt for sponsored advertisements to further boost your brand. 

Facebook is the biggest social media platform because of the number of people using it every day. It is very convenient and suitable for social media marketing. It also lets you post sponsored content at a cheap rate. There are other popular social media marketing platforms like Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Snapchat that you can also consider. 

2. Broadcast Emails

Broadcast emails are an effective digital marketing strategy for a startup business. It is also known as email marketing. Email is considered to be quite formal, and professionals prefer it over all other approaches. Without email marketing, you will not be able to reach a considerable number of potential clients.  

For email marketing, you need to write broadcast emails. Now, if you want maximum effectiveness, you need a catchy title for your email, which will draw attention quickly. Write the mail describing your business, product, or service in simple language. Write about why anyone would need your product and the benefits your customers would get. 

Creating a sales funnel is very important here. It will drive more customers to your store and build traffic. And you need to be active and engaged with your customers as much as possible. You can start with a welcome email and try staying in touch with them by sending weekly or monthly emails. You can also offer discounts, demo, or free trials. 

3. Search Engine Marketing and Optimization 

In the era of digital marketing, the internet is flooded with advertisements, and the odds are that your business page or website might stay unnoticed. The best way to get a quick response is by opting for search engine marketing. 

Google is undoubtedly the most popular search engine right now. Most people use Google to search for any type of product. And thousands of results appear within seconds.Using search engine marketing, your product will climb to the top of search engine result pages, resulting in higher traffic for your site and potential sales. 

To make it even more useful, create an appealing landing page. Make an engaging sales funnel, and after someone purchases your product or service, redirect them to an interactive welcome page. This will allow you to create a stable relationship with your customers and encourage further sales. 

Search engine marketing can be quite costly, though, and you need adequate funds for it, which may not be viable for small or low budget businesses. 

4. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing consists of 3 parties: the seller, the buyer, and affiliate marketers. Many affiliate marketers in the market have websites and blogs where they promote products and get a commission for each sale. 

Affiliate marketing is very popular nowadays because it’s an easy source of income. And numerous blogs and websites on the internet are involved with affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs provide marketers with a unique link that tracks down each sale accomplished by them and rewards them with commissions. There are many popular affiliate marketing sites like Clickbank, Amazon Associate, and so on.

5. Content Marketing

Content marketing is another effective and useful way of digital marketing. You can write content about the services or products you are offering and publish it in a blog to draw attention from potential customers. Engaging and catchy content works like a charm here. Something as simple as a thank you page can leave a lasting impression on prospects. You can also promote your content through different means mentioned above to reach out to a broader audience.

You don’t need to write your own content either. After all, content writing is time-consuming. You can always hire a skilled content writer to write the content for you. You can go to Fiverr, where you will find many content writers who will write your content at a low cost. 

6. Youtube 

Youtube is the most popular video streaming platform. So, marketing on YouTube can be a very useful digital marketing strategy. You can make videos about your business or products and publish them. You can also make demo videos for your products. Videos are relatively easy to understand and allow you to be more descriptive. However, make sure that the video is not dull by any means. 

There are many popular YouTubers out there who have a large number of subscribers and viewers. You can also reach out to popular YouTubers to feature your business in their videos. This method can be quite expensive, depending on the YouTuber’s popularity, but it will get you a good response. 

7. Holding Contests and Giveaways 

People are really into giveaways and contests simply because they love free products. So you can capitalize on it to promote your business. This method is widely popular on YouTube and other social media sites. All you need to do is to arrange any type of contest that will encourage your customers to promote your business in exchange for the chances of winning free products. 

8. Influencer marketing 

Influencers are trendy on social media nowadays. People of this generation are impacted highly by influencers. They have a large number of followers. You can reach out to influencers and pay them to promote your product. This is less expensive compared to other paid methods but very effective. 

9. Referral Marketing

People love promo and discounts too. Attractive discounts can draw in a lot of customers. You can start a referral program that will allow your customer to receive discounts by referring your business to another potential customer who will also get a discount by purchasing your products. Referral marketing lets your customers become your seller and receive a commission with each sale. 

According to research, over 90% of people rely on personal recommendations when making purchases, which is one of the main reasons behind referral marketing’s effectiveness. Some of the top e-commerce sites like Amazon and eBay use referral marketing too. 

10. Viral Marketing 

Viral marketing is a clever digital marketing strategy. If you can make content that is good enough to go viral, your business will reach a vast audience in a very short amount of time. In this way, viral marketing generates a huge amount of traffic and draws people to your business site or page. 

Making viral content is not easy. You need to come up with exceptional ideas and create content, advertisement, or videos about it. You need to make the content look very interesting and make people want to purchase your service. But refrain from fake and bogus information because if your business’s reputation is tarnished, there’s no way back. 


In conclusion, these are some of the best digital marketing strategies you need to try out if you have a startup business. Creating a successful startup is not easy because the market is very competitive, and your road is bound to be bumpy. If you follow these strategies, though, you can stand out among many other competitors, and it will open up the road to success. However, one thing to remember is that you cannot expect to be successful overnight; it takes a lot of hard work. Just learn how to play your cards right, and you’re good to go!

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