Things people can do as freelancers post the lockdown in India

  • Author: Ishita Parekh
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  • Published Date : 9 July , 2020

While our country progresses towards unlock101, it might take a minute for businesses and the economy to get back to normal. While there might be a scarcity of jobs, that doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dream job. Use this time, to make the shift from turning a passionate hobby into your dream job. 

Freelancing from home during these times can prove to be beneficial in many ways. It serves as the perfect opportunity to set a path for your career, and explore your interests. Not to mention, all this while making a quick buck. The upside of this situation is that most businesses and brands are looking to get online, to stay relevant. 

Here are a few freelance from home jobs you can explore to cater to those needs, as well as brush up your skills.


Brands are constantly looking for quirky, fun, and relevant content to put out there, to break through the clutter. Take this opportunity to write the content you like. You can explore writing blogs, pillar content, and emailers if you are looking for something heavy. If you want to go in for something simple, you can explore writing copies for campaigns. 

Graphic Designing 

Showcase your designing skills through a freelance graphic designer. Having the chance to work for brands can help you boost your personal designs as well, and can take it to new heights. Plan interesting campaigns and bring them to life! 

SEO Analyst 

Do you see a website that could do with some SEO? Reach out to them, and give them a convincing proposal on how you can turn their business around for them! While SEO is a long process, convince the brand to do a pilot with you, to get them on board! It’s a great way to freelance from home! 

Campaign Planner 

Let your creativity flow, by becoming a campaign planner! Understand the brand, their persona, and help build their image with relevant communication. Guide brands to understand which platform works best for them, and the deep ends of digital media that they can explore! A strong campaign connects well with the audience and gets them to engage with the brand!

 Video Editor 

With audiences consuming video content at a rapidly increasing pace, the requirement of a freelance video editor is only growing! Showing brands the potential and the different formats they can explore in video content will help them decide the way forward. 

As a fresher looking for freelancing from home, if you stumble upon these options, you have nothing to worry about. While these jobs require some prior experience, here is a list of things you can explore as a fresher! 

Hold an online training program 

One thing to always remember, is that if you have a skill, there are many others out there who are eager to learn it. You need to harp on this, and can hold online training programs to monetize your skills. You can explore options like dance classes, Zumba, a personal fitness trainer, baking classes,  or art. Make sure that your classes get enough publicity from the right target audience. 

Become an Influencer! 

Take that skill, and get it on social media! People with similar interests are sure to follow you if you have quality content, and before you know it, you’ll have a community of your own. Soon, brands will start approaching you for promotions and endorsements. With the boom of digital marketing, more and more brands are leveraging influencer marketing every day! An influencer is one of the best freelance from home jobs out there! 

A home tutor 

While the country may be opening up, schools and colleges are not opening anytime soon. With online classes, a child may not get the attention they need to understand a topic. Become a personal tutor to help you make a quick buck, while simultaneously helping put these children. 

However, if you are not looking to put in too much effort or time but still want to explore Freelancing and make some money, here are a few options to explore - 

Data Entry 

While this may seem tedious, companies pay heftily for freelance Data Entry jobs. They usually have a fixed part-time shift and your job role is well defined too! 

Call Center Jobs 

Similar to Data Entry jobs, these jobs are more inclined to pay a better amount of money. However, if you don’t mind some repetitive work, this might just be for you!

While freelancing has many perks like freedom of timings and minimal accountability, there are a few things you need to be careful about, while freelancing. 

Make sure your branding is spot on! 

As a freelancer, you might not get the spotlight as much as people in corporate jobs do. If you plan to freelance in any creative space, get your work on social media channels. This helps build your personal brand, as well as serves as social proof for potential employers. This also becomes an excellent part of your portfolio or resume, and you can easily impress any future employers. 

Indulge in word of mouth 

Word of mouth does far more wonders than we realize. Send out a broadcast message, and emails to your contacts, informing them that you now have your own practice. While they might not need it immediately, if the need arises, they know who to contact. 

Have your work handy 

Brands appreciate and are always inclined towards faster responses. While approaching a brand, send a presentation of the work you have done in the past, and the results you have achieved, to give them a better understanding of your work. 

Freelancing from home is a great method to go lengths and explore your options. However, always do thorough research on the brands you are going to work with, and fixate on your payments, job role, and conditions before you start working with them!

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