Best Digital Marketing Courses Online In India

  • Author: Supraja Ashok
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  • Published Date : 23 August , 2020
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Are you looking to build a career in Digital Marketing? You’ve come to the right place. 

Earlier, simply having an online presence for a brand was important. Today, however, creating, sustaining and engaging with your customers online is essential and is what makes your brand stand out. India has over 550 million users as of June 2020. It’s no longer just a choice, but a necessity for brands to go digital. 

The industry is evolving and showing enormous growth. As the industry gains momentum, the demand for digital is also increasing. Many students, graduates and professionals are looking to establish their career in digital marketing. 

With COVID-19, brands are certainly left with no other choice but to create and grow their digital presence. Brands are evolving and smart marketers are finding ways to reach out to new customers.  Digital marketing makes you reach out to your customers in a personalized and effective way. 

Digital marketing has various angles such as Social Media Marketing, Search engine optimization, Content Marketing, Native Advertising etc. 

Sounds too technical? Not really. All you have to do is, find the best digital marketing course online where you can learn all the various dimensions of Digital Marketing. 

If you are someone who is stuck at home but wants to upskill and learn Digital Marketing, we have picked some of the best online digital marketing courses for you that specifically cater to the present needs. 

Digigrad - An IIM Alumni Initiative

Digigrad is a digital marketing training initiative taken by Social Beat. Social Beat was founded in 2012 and it’s one of the fastest-growing independent digital marketing agencies in South India. 

Digigrad’s strong forward-thinking approach can be noticed from their vision - To train 1 lakh, Digital Marketing Professionals, in the next two years.

Social Beat is a premier Google partner, a recommended Facebook agency as well a member of Facebook India SME Council. Social Beat is a trusted online expert with offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Social Beat’s expertise in video content, as well as partner platforms such as Influencer and 22 Languages, makes them stand out from the rest. 

Digigrad has put together a qualified set of opportunities from the top organizations such as Social Beat, BizBucks, foranje, Social Panga and other top industries in Digital Marketing.

Social Beat has worked with leading brands such as Swiggy, Himalaya, Malabar Gold & Diamonds, TATA, KhataBook and many others. 

The Digital Marketing Master program emphasises on leveraging every opportunity in the Digital landscape. You will learn directly from Digital Marketing experts who have created an impact on the growth of leading brands.

Why enrol? 

This Digital Marketing certification course will help you understand how digital marketing can impact your career and your company’s growth. 

This course is for students who want to drive their career path towards digital marketing and for entrepreneurs who want to create a digital presence.

Instructors: The team of instructors put together by Digigrad is impressive. The experience and knowledge held by these trainers will make your learning experience a great success. 

Here are some of your instructors: 

  • Suneil Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat - Alumnus, IIM Ahmedabad (2007).
  • Vikas Chawla, Co-founder, Social Beat Alumnus, London School of Economics (2009).
  • David Appaswamy, Head-Brand & Strategy, Social Beat.
  • Abhishek Kumaar, Head, DigiGrad - Alumnus, IIM Ahmedabad (2014) 

And many other leading industry professionals.

Program Structure: The course is divided into three modules along with 10+ live projects, weekly assignments and a final cumulative exam. Digigrad gives importance to practical learning through Industry-based live projects, throughout the three months program. 

All modules will be taught through live sessions and you can purchase a pre-recorded one as well. 

There are a total of twelve Quizzes on the course and each quiz is designed to improve the student's understanding of the subject matter better.

They built the learning environment through live classes in a way that it is interactive and in which doubts are cleared immediately. There is a separate Q&A forum where students can ask questions. 

The assignments are based on real, ongoing projects of the agency to make learning more practical. 

Course Duration and Fees structure: Rs 60,000 for three months & Rs 75,000 for six months program. 

 Benefits & Assistance provided

  1. Internship and Job opportunities in leading companies such as Social Beat, BizBucks, Foranje, Social Panga and many more.
  2. One on one guidance and assistance throughout the course.
  3. Lifetime access to all the videos and learning material. 
  4. Knowledge about 20+ tools used in Digital Marketing
  5. Training for Facebook, Blueprint, and Google Ads certifications. 

On the whole, the design of this course is built to prove that anyone can learn Digital Marketing. This course is a great value addition to everyone interested in building a career in digital marketing and for entrepreneurs who want to build their brand.


UpGrad's vision is to create careers for tomorrow by providing an online higher education platform with world-class faculty and Industry. 

MICA & UpGrad have curated a program in PG Certification in Digital Marketing and Communication to create the next generation of leaders in Digital Marketing & Communication.

Why enroll in this course?

Instructors: Learn from the top Industry experts and faculty such as Sakhee Dheer - who handles the Digital Marketing function and Analytics for Facebook’s clients. 

Program Structure: UpGrad provides best In-class content - Videos, Case studies, Projects, Assignments. Flexible timings with Live sessions. 

Course Duration and Fees structure: 87,750 + GST. The duration of the course is 6.5 - 11 Months. 

 Benefits & Assistance provided

  1. Lifetime access to all the videos and learning materials available.
  2. Separate Q&A forum to answer all the doubts. 
  3. One on one mentoring sessions after the course to assist with interview preparation, resume feedback and Career counseling.
  4. Career Guidance in Top companies such as - TATA Consultancy, Flipkart, and much more.

Overall, the digital marketing certification is recognised well among leading industry professionals and this could be a great boost to your career.

Great Learning

GreatLearning’s mission is to build and enable career success in the Digital Economy. They have successfully delivered 22+ million hours of learning and equipped students with skills who have gone on to join companies such as Microsoft, Amazon, Adobe and more.

They have collaborated with remarkable universities such as Great lakes, Stanford, IIT Madras and other esteemed universities to bring impactful education to India.

PG Program in Strategic Digital Marketing is one of their best courses. This digital marketing online course is a combination of innovative learning methods of teaching tools such as SEO, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads Manager and other tools in Digital Marketing. 

Why enroll in this course?

Instructors: Hands-on training from leading faculties and industry experts. To name a few, Dr Umashankar Venkatesh, Professor- Marketing, Great Lakes Institute of Management, Gurgaon, Dr Jones Mathew, Former VP Sales and Marketing, Hero Motor and a great bunch of other top instructors. 

Program Structure: The course offers various dimensions of learning through Recorded Online Content with a weekly one on one mentorship session to clear doubts.

Their Live projects and 4-week capstone projects give hands-on experience in the field which will be mentored and evaluated by Great Lakes faculty and experts.

Course Duration and Fees structure: 84,000 + GST. The duration of the course is 6 Months.

Benefits & Assistance provided

  1. Great Lakes Certificated and E-portfolio.
  2. Lifetime access to the content, projects and other resources.
  3. Placements in companies such as OYO, HCL, Pepperfry, ICICI bank and other reputed companies.

On the whole, this course is a great opportunity to enhance your knowledge and skills by uplifting your career to the fullest. 


Simplilearn is on a journey to transform lives by empowering people through Digital skills. Simplilearn is one of the world’s leading certification training providers in various areas and offers one of the best digital marketing certification programs. They have empowered over one million professionals and companies across 150+ countries. 

Simplilearn has been named as the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn.

Their Digital Marketing Specialist’s program is accredited by OMCP- Online Marketing Certified Professional. The program is well-curated and helps students and professionals develop skill sets of a Digital Marketer to create and implement Digital Marketing Strategies. 

Why enrol in this course?

Program Advisors: They have put together a great team of expert advisors to help and assist you throughout the learning process. To name a few, Paul is a 20+ year marketing veteran who has been overseeing the management of digital marketing and sales enablement programs at Pitney Bowes, Stéphane Hamel, Google Product Strategy Expert, Expert Data Analyst and other industry experts. 

Program Structure: Provides in-depth analysis and understanding of the eight most important domains in Digital Marketing. You will be exposed to 40+ digital marketing tools. It also includes real-world projects and virtual simulations to enhance the learning experience. 

The curriculum is delivered through live classes which enables a better understanding and overall support is available 24/7. 

Course Duration and Fees structure: Rs 59,999. Duration of the course: 5-6 Months.

Benefits & Assistance provided

  1. Simplilearn JobAssist program to get noticed and hired by leading companies. 
  2. Access to $500 worth of marketing tools such as Crazy Egg, Feng-GUI, SE Ranking.
  3. Lifetime access to the videos and learning materials. 
  4. OMCP, Google, Facebook Blueprint Certification. 

On the whole, this course could help you differentiate yourself from the competition and get ahead in your career. It is one of the best online digital marketing courses out there! 

Digital Vidya  

Digital Vidya’s vision is to fully equip people with professional skills. It’s Asia’s leading professional training company that focuses on delivering impactful learning experiences. 

They have created an impact on 10,000+ professionals across 55+ countries. 

Digital Vidya is the official training partner of Google & Microsoft India and has partnered with social media tycoons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, NASSCOM and Vskills.

They offer a Certified Digital Marketing Master course and the kind of training they offer is exhaustive and covers the whole gamut of Digital Marketing. 

They are well-known for the quality of education they provide. 

Why enrol for this course?

Instructors: Digital Vidya has put together a great set of experts to give first-hand training in the Digital Marketing field. 

To name a few, Vijayaragav R.J. - Former employee of Google and has over 12 years of digital marketing experience managing Google Ad campaigns, Rohit Uttamchandani is Senior Manager – Digital Marketing at Social Beat, one of South India’s leading digital marketing agencies.

Program Structure: Delivers an extensive series of in-class live sessions covering over 44 Modules. Hands-on Digital marketing Assignments and case studies are provided to implement the knowledge gained. Overall review and assessment are provided. 

Course Duration and Fees structure: 49,900+ GST. Course duration: 4-6 Months.

Benefits & Assistance provided: 

  1. Dedicated one on one mentor assigned throughout the course and assistance is provided after the completion of course. 
  2. Q & A forum is set up regularly to clear doubts. 
  3. Updated Class recordings and lifetime updates
  4. Free Digital Marketing Tools worth INR 72,000+
  5. 100% placement in leading companies.

On the whole, this course will make you well-versed in all the different domains of Digital Marketing. 

Manipal ProLearn 

Manipal is a cutting-edge learning platform that has been a global leader in providing learning solutions online. The platform is designed to provide an immersive learning experience. They have been the global leader in delivering top-quality higher education for the last six decades.

The platform has provided an immersive learning experience to over 90,000+ people and its vision is to build people’s future by providing industry-relevant courses. 

The certificate program in Digital Marketing Strategy equips people with the right skill sets to enter the field of digital marketing. 

Why enroll in this course?

Instructors: The course is taught by the best Digital Marketing practitioners in the field with a lot of experience.

Program Structure: This course comprises simulation-based learning with live webinars and case studies. The 24/7 learning management system set up by Manipal makes learning much easier. 

The assignments and case studies are incorporated in such a way that it covers different concepts under Digital Marketing. Real-time case studies help in brainstorming and coming up with business solutions.

The interesting part is the quizzes set up after each chapter that helps you remember concepts well. A Mock exam, in the end, helps students get a thorough understanding of the subject. 

Benefits & Assistance provided:

  1. Mock exams, Quizzes, and live case studies. 
  2. 100+ Learning hours. 

On the whole, this course is one of the best digital marketing courses online and could be your first step in your learning journey. 

Digital Academy 360

Their vision is to redefine the education system in India and transform the journey of their students into leading professionals. Digital Academy 360 was awarded as the “Best Digital Learning Institute of the year” by Indian Education Awards 2019.

They focus on teaching the course from a basic to an advanced level. Their courses are suitable for both beginners and professionals. 

Digital Academy 360 was the first institute to kick start a content writing classroom training program.  

The Digital Marketing Specialist course offered is designed according to the existing industry requirements. They have trained more than 3500+ students and guarantee a completely different learning experience. 

Why enroll in this course?

Instructors: Best trainers who are industry experienced experts. H Tittu Raja Stephenson - Digital Marketing Trainer who has 8+ years of experience in the field is one such expert. 

Program Structure: The course consists of 10 levels & 50+ modules covered together. The course delivers more practical knowledge than theoretical. They also offer flexibility in batch timings. 

They have set up a dedicated one on one mentoring session for doubts clearing and also provide career counseling. They provide two modes of learning - Instructor-led or Online training. 

Their practical knowledge bucket holds quite a few interesting things like Live projects where you can work on agency projects, and module wise practical sessions, to help you understand every session better. 

The weekly practical assignments will help you understand the tools and platforms used in Digital Marketing.

Course Duration and Fees structure: 59,000+GST and the duration of the course is 3.5 months.

Benefits & Assistance provided: 

  1. 100% placements for freshers and professionals in companies such as - KTM, Yahoo and much more. 
  2. 19 Digital Marketing certifications 
  3. Career counseling and placement training
  4. Lifetime access to the course and 24*7 access to the LMS. 
  5. Advance digital marketing tools 

Overall, even if you are a beginner or a professional, this course could be a turning point in your career.

IIDE- Indian Institute of Digital Education

IIDE is India’s premier digital educational Institute. IIDE was Awarded India’s Best Digital Learning Institute of the Year by Indian education congress & awards 2020. 

The courses offered by IIDE make you industry-ready with the right digital skills. They strive towards providing experiential learning and imparting important digital skills. 

IIDE’s vision is to equip students for the future. 

The Certified Digital Marketing program, vetted by the industry experts and 20+ modules will help you become a creative digital marketer. 

The program enables students to learn about how an agency works and to work on their projects to gain practical experience.

Why enroll in this course?

Instructors: Learn from the leading experts in the field of digital marketing! To name a few, Rushabh Sheth - Global Spam Operations Analyst, Facebook and Akshay Gurnani - Co-founder & CEO, Schbang. 

Program Structure: Program Structure: The structure is designed to impart all the necessary skills that are required for a new age digital marketer. The objective is to master every skill through experiential learning. Executive skills are taught through project-based learning.

The course is an in-class live program that is very interactive. 

These modules are divided into two parts. The first part teaches you execution-related skills and the second part deals with managerial skills. 

Live projects: Every student will be given a live business to work on. They will be handling the digital marketing of that particular project. The faculty will be assisting the student throughout the project. 

IIDE makes the experience great for students!

Course Duration and Fees structure: 80,508+GST and the duration of the course is 2-3 Months. 

Benefits & Assistance provided: 

  1. Live sessions along with projects and case studies
  2. 100% internship and placement opportunities in companies like Glitch, Schbang White Rivers Media, etc. 
  3. Portfolio building & evaluation
  4. Mentoring sessions scheduled for students regularly 

On the whole, you will become a certified digital marketer who is fully equipped to take up any role and give the best.

That was a comprehensive list of the best digital marketing courses online! Take your pick and upskill yourself this season!