10 Ways to Accelerate your Marketing Career in India

  • Author: Aishwarya Chandrashekar
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  • Published Date : 8 March , 2021
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Let’s assume that you’re a marketing executive at a company for more than a year now. You must be aware that the work environment is pretty fast-paced. The competition is cutthroat and everyone has a goal to rise upwards. You must be wondering what it takes because you already believe you’re doing a fair job. But to grow upwards, you not only need to perform well but rather perform exceptionally well. If you think your growth in marketing seems stagnant or feel like you’re being stalled after a point then we have something in store for you! 

The objective here for you is not just to perform above average, but also to gain special skills to stand out from the crowd. Are you still in a fix? Not anymore! Here are 10 ways that could help you accelerate your marketing career in India and land the best marketing jobs. 

Social Media 

Digital footprints are increasing on a daily basis and everything’s moving online. There is no doubt that social media holds the upper hand on anything digital. Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all-powerful among the masses. If you aspire to be an exceptional digital marketer or a social media strategist, understanding the facets of each and every social media platform and developing the ability to understand consumer habits and behaviors is a must-have on your quiver of abilities. Hence, taking a social media management course would come in handy to progress your marketing career in the digital world. DigiGrad offers a plethora of such courses, backed by internships under industry leaders who provide more than just the know-how of a process.

Upskilling and Re learning 

Being a marketing professional, it’s better to walk the extra mile in terms of learning. Online certificate programs offer more exposure, flexibility, and credibility in comparison to conventional learning methods. These are more beneficial as you can learn at your own pace, aren't time-consuming, are light on your wallet, and an added bonus/skillset to your resume, thus giving you recognition and an open door to explore newer horizons and much more growth in marketing! 

Presentation Skills

To be the best in the field of marketing  and get the best marketing jobs, you would also need to be proficient in platforms such as Canva, Crello, Adobe etc because presentation is the artform you will be practicing. The life of a Digital Marketer revolves around client presentations so it’s essential for you to showcase creativity and grab those eyeballs. This way you could develop and enhance your creativity in presentations by learning more online and enabling your growth in marketing, 


Communication is the life blood of marketing. Convincing your clients is paramount in climbing the ladder of success in marketing. It’s about orating in a manner that captures the focus of what you are speaking and delivering, be it to your team members or your clients. Therefore having clear, consistent and bold communication highlights the fact that there’s more knowledge and charisma behind what you are pushing to the client. Confidence, charisma and preparedness paints a good image for you as a professional. So developing your communication skills can earn you serious brownie points, facilitating your growth in marketing! 


Not just communication, negotiation skills are equally vital in the field of marketing. You need to acquire the skill of negotiating great deals which would result in success of the business. For a quicker growth and progression, you should hone the knack of obtaining negotiation skills. 


When it comes to the marketing industry, surrounding yourself around a pool of talented and hardworking people really helps in launching your own marketing career and get access to the best marketing jobs.  How would you come across the right people if you don’t already know the right set of people/audience? To look more reputable and to gain the trust of people you need to have a good network. Attending conferences, workshops, events, conventions, connecting with people from different industries helps in expanding your network and achieving your credibility.


Career progression not just depends on achieving day to day tasks but also on enhancing the efficiency of processes and procedures involved to complete day to day tasks. As mentioned before, as today’s career life works on a fast paced environment, you should come up with new implementations such as a project, a report, or a process improvement that is both time saving and game changing. 


In a marketing environment, the most important expectation of you as a professional is knowing how quick and responsive you are in addressing concerns. Quick follow ups and reliable responses are required especially in terms of crisis. Being more organized in terms of emails and chat, and constantly being available will make you a master at handling multiple tasks and responsibilities. 

Building your Brand 

Just like a commodity or service is marketed by building the brand, you can develop your marketing career by building your identity & brand. There are a lot of capable people in the field of marketing that can get the job done, but what unique viewpoints and thought process do you bring to the table? This is key for anyone who is looking to hire you. To stand amidst the crowd your presence and contribution in online & offline activities including research articles, LinkedIn, blogs & vlogs help you shine. Your potential and your thinking style can be easily identified by anyone that is looking to work with you, giving you an edge over the competition while you grow in your marketing career. 


Knowing how to delegate tasks based on their urgency is crucial for growth in marketing.  Prioritising tasks based on importance would contribute towards more efficiency. You can prove that you are a master at organising tasks by becoming an efficient and effective manager.

In summary, businesses and clients are always on the lookout for marketing professionals who communicate effectively, are efficient, and possess the skill sets and hard work that entails the role.  All of these skills are at our fingertips in today’s digital age. It is up to you now to lay the foundation for your success in a marketing career. To apply these mantras, become eligible for the best marketing jobs, and become the marketing trailblazer that you desire to be!